Tips to be Trendy and Stylish with the Golf Sunglasses you Purchase

Golf sunglasses are becoming a necessity in the field. Apart from enhancing the performance on the golf course, they can complement the outfit you wear. However, it is vital to know how to select the ideal pair of sunglasses for the sport. The main objective is to look for functionality while at the same time remain trendy and stylish.

Consider the Functionality

When playing on a sunny day, performing at optimum when the sun affects your vision will be challenging. Therefore, the stylish and trendy goodr golf sunglasses protect from ultra-violet rays for improved performance on the golf course. The ideal golf sunglasses should make it easy to view the course without distortion. Selecting the tinted ones will help protect the eyes from the sun rays making it comfortable to play.

On the other hand, you can find prescription and non-prescription varieties according to specific needs. An optician can recommend the correct specification for the accessory you choose for the right glasses for golfing. Apart from the functionalities, below are or tips to help find trendy and stylish sunglasses for outdoor sports;

The Right Frame for your Face

A person’s shape of the face should influence the type of frame they choose for sunglasses. The personality can drive your selection as every person has their preference. Therefore, it is crucial to know your facial shape before going out shopping for accessories. It will save you valuable time as you will know what you are looking for. 

The wayfarer and aviator styles are ideal for most facial shapes. Alternatively, you can consider purchasing rimless sunglasses to suit your personality. If you have a prominent forehead or a round-shaped face, the narrow frames will look good on you. However, the round-shaped frames are ideal for the angular face-shaped person. Rectangular frames are suitable for people with round or oval-shaped faces.

The rule is to select an opposite design to that of your face. It will complement the facial structures better.

The Colour

The color of the lens you choose in golf sunglasses will ensure you have a clear view of the golf course. A dark shade prevents most sunlight rays, making it easy to see the turf on a bright day. Also, the color of the frames can go well with your style if you match them with the apparel you are wearing. It will ensure you look good and feel more confident while on the golf course.

Other Complementary Functions

The type of sunglasses you chose for golfing should make it more fun to play the game. There are the trendy ones that come with Bluetooth connectivity for music extensions. If you like to listen to music while golfing, you can select such kinds. You can connect the sunglasses with your phone and listen to your favorite playlist. Also, it allows you to pick calls discreetly while on the golf course.


The brand you choose for your golf sunglasses matters. Choose the Goodr products as they will offer the functionality and style you need to perform at golf. It is a valuable investment.