Top 7 Adult Activities You Must Try

As modern people, we all have different ways of having fun. Some read books, some travel, some sit for hours on an app and do 22Bet live betting in Kenya, and some do yoga. Today we offer you a selection of activities that every adult can appreciate.

Polo on Segways

People in formal suits, during the warm season quickly gliding along bicycle paths on electric two-wheeled scooters, commonly referred to as segways, are seen more and more often and no longer too surprising passers-by, even. Both at home in the United States and in other countries, the segway is mainly used for utilitarian purposes – to get from point A to point B over relatively short distances.

Recently, segways have also been used for polo. A segway completely replaces a horse. A polo player on a segway requires a well-functioning vestibular system and spine, as well as a quick reaction time.

Drones in the Sky and Underwater

Collective games are a great socialization tool; any HR professional knows this. War games are a great tool for leveling stress. Any psychologist knows this, and again, any HR specialist. Quadcopter drone battles, socializing, and helping to combat stress, are being introduced into the user drone market with unimaginable speed.

South Korean company Byrobot sold more than 4.5 million Byrobot Drone Fighter combat quadcopters in 2015. And that’s just one type of toy drone. The rapid spread of flying drones is indicated at least by the growing talk about legislative regulation of this entertainment. For those who prefer the collective to the individual and the drive to quiet contemplation, an underwater drone has already been developed – it is capable of taking photos and videos underwater.


A man on a board dragged along the water on a rope boat can call himself anything – a member of an elite club, a traditionalist, or just a slave of habit – from now on he will still be looked at like a person who does not have enough smartphone to read his email and needs a computer. The reason is simple: flyboarding – flying over the water on self-propelled boards – has become a newfangled aquatic pastime. 

A jet ski works like a pump, water flows through a hose to the flyboard and is ejected at high pressure through its nozzles. In this way, the flyboard can be lifted up to a height of 10 meters. Proper footwork will allow you to fly over the water in any direction. The flyboard was invented in France, home of the Montgolfier brothers and the automobile air suspension.

Wine Tastings

Paradoxically, declining incomes have led to an increase in the middle class’ practical mastery of semi-private habits. The sommelier has transformed from almost a hackneyed man into a guru, and the wine craze has taken many forms, chief among them, of course, wine tastings. In any format – from the primitive to the apartment – it always lifts the participant above his own ego, almost therapeutically helping him to get in touch with the culture of high wine drinking.

Urban Orienteering

The mixture of quest and local history, a hybrid of local patriotism and general erudition. It is either a game or a serious competition. Earlier not so popular, but gradually spread out to all the cities, which theoretically can get lost. For the lazy, who managed to overcome their laziness at least to overcome the attraction of the monitor with the couch. To discipline the participants, they are given some tasks to perform in the course of the game, such as photographing something or finding something.

Rooms of Fury

The flip side of the rigid corporate culture is all too well known – delayed cardiovascular accidents and tumor diseases, neurological and mental disorders. Reflection on this has already seeped into the arts, and it doesn’t matter what you prefer – Amelie Nothomb’s books about a European girl in a Japanese corporate environment or Malcolm Burgess’ funny quite Euro-Atlantic pamphlet I hate the office.

Now, in the wake of this trend, such therapeutic entertainment as rage rooms is becoming popular. They allow you to reduce stress and its negative effects on the body, for a fee to visit the room in which you can and should smash everything. The interior of the room is familiar – residential or office, more often office. You just need to know how to wield a bat and meet the paid time. As a rule, there are no latecomers.


The continuation of fitness and the continuation of yoga by other means are the same fitness and yoga but in a suspended state. Complicating the starting conditions under the guarantee of greater efficiency is the principle of such practices, the reason for striving for which is shared by satiety and dissatisfaction. Like most successful start-ups, the anti-gravity technique grew out of the problems of its founder, American gymnast and choreographer Christopher Harrison. Years of Broadway productions and a career as a gymnast completely exhausted him physically, and he decided to try yoga classes to regain his strength. 

Then he came up with the concept of a new spectacular show – a performance in the air. Today, anti-gravity yoga and anti-gravity fitness are promoted by one fitness center after another, listing, comma by comma, the human body systems that benefit undeniably from these classes.