Tutoring Course PFLEGE / MED – PFLEGE / MED Course – Medical Care Training

An optimal tutoring for exams in generalist nursing training and specialist professions in health care.

Regardless of whether you want to brush up on old knowledge, aim for the new nursing exam or need help and encouragement with learning. At Medic Mind Australia, you have come to the right place with your goals.

Tailored to the requirements of your nursing training,

we prepare you for exam-relevant content in interactive live lessons. Basic topics: biology, biochemistry, anatomy / physiology, pathophysiology, pathology, medicine, pharmacology, nursing, law, nursing science, psychology, medical terminology, primary nursing, skills training, teaching of learning methods. Besides, GAMSAT tutors contribute to making things easier and workable for medical students (prospects). Click here to see more information about GAMSAT Tutors.

The individual basic topics are deepened by our lecturers in a training-oriented and subject-specific manner in compact learning modules.

All content in the modules is didactically structured and linked in such a way that even complex topics are easy to understand. Our popular tutoring course provides you with compact, effective preparation.

Our specialist lecturers not only have theoretical and practical skills, but also know how to convey their knowledge clearly, purposefully and vividly using selected, methodical approaches.

In addition, we always focus on promoting intercultural skills. Individual agreements with the lecturers within the module topics are possible. That is why we teach in smaller groups that are conducive to learning. At Medic Mind Australia, we want you to be taught in a proactive teaching and learning situation.

And THAT with learning success!

The central aspect for us is communication and the exchange between lecturers and course participants.

In this way, we can discover your need for adjustment at an early stage and adapt the learning situation of the participants to the complex areas of knowledge.

This course is intended to bring clarity to the nursing-medical confusion and to provide the course participants with a learning structure that is particularly intended to convey security.

Security that brings you calmly and competently to your exams.

Learning success controls, summaries and work tasks are reflected upon together, “understanding” excursions are deepened as required and here, too, a personal approach is very important to us. Your questions will not go unanswered in our seminars.

Catch up backlogs learning as a result of pandemics

The consequences of the pandemic-related lockdowns can contribute to the fact that learning backlogs can hardly be made up and learning structures can be poorly established. Meaningful follow-up learning becomes difficult and an unmanageable mass of subject matter grows over your head.

With our PFLEGE / MED course, we also offer you professional support in addition to your lessons in the event of learning deficits. By linking the coordinated, regularly held online seminars, you can work through learning delays individually and optimize your learning progress so that you can continue learning.

Nursing / Med complete course Modules are the building blocks

The online full course takes a total of 4 weeks and is divided into various learning modules. The modules can be booked individually and independently of one another, or they can be supplemented with one another like building blocks. Determine the order of the topics yourself and create your own course.

The modules are clearly structured according to subject matter. So you can decide on the topics and specifically choose the module that you need for a written exam, or as a supplementary tutoring. Meet several times a week live and online with specialist lecturers from medicine and nursing who work with a lot of heart, sensitivity and joy in teaching.

Digital teaching also means flexibility 

Choose your modules and determine your own learning time.

Subject areas of the modules

All modules begin with an excursus into the anatomical-physiological basics, pathophysiology for a better understanding of the diseases

Module 1

  • Acute diseases of the heart
  • Chronic heart disease
  • Circulatory and vascular diseases
  • Practice case discussions and exercises
  • Blood pressure regulation disorders
  • Forms of shock, resuscitation
  • Pharmacotherapy, pain management
  • Prophylaxis and nursing interventions
  • Observe and assess the cardiovascular situation

Module 2

  • Acute and chronic illnesses within respiratory system
  • Blood disorders
  • Oncological diseases
  • Intensive care ventilation
  • Main complaints and key findings of the most common clinical pictures
  • Malignant lung tumors, tumor development, metastasis
  • Pharmacological therapies in oncology
  • Prophylaxis and nursing interventions
  • Treatment strategies for respiratory diseases

Module 3

  • Neurological and neurosurgical diseases of the CNS and PNS
  • Symptom recognition and symptom interpretation
  • Neuromuscular Diseases
  • Neurological examinations, diagnostic procedures
  • pharmacology
  • Neurophysiological basics
  • Stroke unit, assessment of consciousness
  • Prophylaxis and resource-oriented nursing interventions
  • Case discussions from practice and many exercises

Module 4

  • Acute and chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Diseases of the liver, biliary tract, pancreas
  • Metabolic disease diabetes mellitus / insulin therapy
  • Recognition of symptoms and interpretation of symptoms in the event of derailment
  • Pharmacotherapy
  • Endoscopic examination and surgical procedures
  • Perioperative care
  • Vital signs, accounting
  • Regulation nutrition, metabolism
  • Dealing with probes and artificially created stomata
  • You will receive additional learning materials for each module.

Nursing / Med course on weekends – Use your free time effectively!

Compact learning on Saturday and Sunday is an option to take learning modules 1 to 4 on two consecutive weekends. Or choose in a double pack, between modules 1 & 2 or modules 3 & 4 on just one weekend. Book individual modules, depending on the topic you need at the moment.

Coursework for Pre-Medical and Medical School

Pre-medical and medical school homework is something we tutor for. We’ve worked with numerous students to help them master topics throughout their undergraduate and/or medical school career. Many students find having a tutor who provides a unique learning plan and lays down key topics that appear throughout the curriculum to be highly beneficial. Your tutor will not only assist you in mastering your coursework subject, but will also educate you how to apply these principles to high-stakes standardised tests such as the MCAT or USMLE.

Pre-Medical Coursework Whether it’s biology, chemistry, physics, organic chemistry, or biochemistry, our teachers can help you succeed. Our teachers excelled in pre-medical coursework and can assist you in doing so as well.

Your grades in pre-medical education and your MCAT score are the most crucial variables in a medical school application. Working with a tutor to master pre-medical coursework not only offers the foundation for getting the greatest scores in your coursework, but it also guides you through the subject so you understand how it relates to the MCAT.