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Top 5 Colorful Products from Son & Park to Add to Your Makeup Collection

Cosmetic products are essential in a working woman’s daily routine. Korean makeup brands are gaining popularity because they offer selections that look excellent and fit for everyday use These K-beauty brands are mostly known for their lipsticks, moisturizers and powders. These companies provide colorful products that look fabulous, whether under sunlight or in artificial light.

If there’s a K-beauty brand that is very popular in the beauty industry, it’s Son & Park, which was created by celebrity makeup artists. The company popularized Korea’s dewy or no-makeup look, so the brand conforms to the subtle, natural aesthetic, using high-quality and natural ingredients. Even with everyday makeup, the company makes an excellent selection of colorful cosmetics.

Take a look at the top exciting products you can add to your makeup collection:

1. Beauty Filter Cream Glow

Creams are great for moisturizing your face before applying foundation. Son & Park is proud to introduce their special limited edition set of moisturizing Beauty Filter Cream Glow and super cute Beauty Filter Cream Glow Brush. Use the cream as a moisturizer, skin primer, and good makeup base at the same time.

This fantastic beauty product prevents clumps and smooths the pores because it is infused with natural White Flower Complex, brightening the complexion to bring out its natural radiance. It’s not a colorful product, but it helps bring out the color and hues of your makeup.

2. Highlighter Cube

Are you into the dewy Korean look? Inevitably, you will notice the beautiful and natural look of men and women in Korean drama series and movies. While they attain their skin texture and complexion by years of tradition and skincare routine, you can get the glass skin effect through cosmetics.

You can achieve the sought-after glass skin with a Son & Park highlighter. It is a most-sought highlighter that boasts its beige tone creamy formula, bringing out the skin’s natural radiance. It gives a very natural look, which is great for everyday wear, providing an ample amount of dewy glow without glitter.

The product makes your cheekbones and the skin below your brow pop. The highlighter can bring out the colors of your eye shadow and lip tint even more.

3. Lip Crayons

Koreans are known to create attractive lip gradient effects such as petal and gradient of vivid color from the center of the lips to light pigment on the outer corners. Are you looking for a lip stain that won’t dry your lips and give long-lasting and beautiful lip textures?

One of the most colorful in this K-beauty brand collections is the Lip Crayon that comes in 20 Colors. With a wide range of color lip stains, you can choose a daily or special occasion lip color. This product also looks good in your makeup bag because of its beautiful packaging.

They’ll give your lips long-lasting moisture and a creamy, hint of color such as a lip stain. Using several layers will also provide you with full coverage. You can also combine colors to produce different hues.

4. Blooming Lipstick Velvet

Koreans love a soft and velvet effect, especially on their lips and eyes. If you want a lipstick that smoothly glides on the lips without the messy appearance, you can get the Blooming Lipstick Velvet. It’s a handy lip product that is easy to apply.

Surely, you’ll love this lipstick set because it comes in six shades suitable for everyday wear or any occasion. You’ll want to add them to your makeup collection because they have been formulated with intense pigments, offering a smooth coverage and beautiful matte finish. Your lips will look like it’s naturally tinted instead of shaded with lipstick.

5. Urban Flower Kit

Urban Flower Kit is consists of different shades of eye shadow. The colors in this eye shadow palette are great for casual or every day use, as well as for special occasions. You can play with it to create both smokier and natural looks. You’ll love how the product is applied evenly and smoothly.


You can add these colorful products from the most popular beauty brand and makeup artists in Korea to your makeup collection. You can wear them on special occasions or casual, everyday look, giving you a natural and dewy look. Say goodbye to messy and clown-like makeup. It’s like you’re not wearing makeup at all, but you’ll see a big difference from your bare or morning wake up look.

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