A Fashion Guide On Men’s Bracelets

Who said bracelets were only for women? There are plenty of metal bracelets that men can wear to complement their style since there are many categories and styles of bracelets available in the market designed specifically for the fashionable man. If you are the type who wears suits regularly or the type who has the liberty to dress more casually day after day, there is a diamond or gold bracelet available for you.

Here are a few tips in this mini fashion guide on men’s bracelets so you can be sure to wear your bracelets fashionably:

  1. Wear Them Like Wrist Watches: Make sure that you don’t wear bracelets that are too loose since you don’t want them moving around too much. Your bracelets should fit you in the same way your watch does.
  2. Keep One Wrist Bare: For men and jewellery, less is more, so don’t try to wear matching bracelets on both wrists as this tends to look feminine, which is exactly the opposite of what most guys want.
  3. Stack Thin Bracelets: If you do want more, make sure that the only type of bracelet you stack are the thin, cord-like bracelets. Never try stacking thick bracelets as this looks very unappealing.
  4. Bracelets And Watches: When pairing your bracelet with your watch, keep the bracelet style simple so that you are complementing your watch rather than overpowering it.

Now that you know how to wear your bracelet, let us look at some different bracelet designs that you can choose from to suit your style:

  1. Metal Bands: Platinum, silver and gold bracelets for men are available in different styles on the market. From chain links to metal bands, you can find something to suit your need. They best complement suits or other formal wear.
  2. Rock n Roll Bracelets: If you are the type who loves everything rock n roll, this is just the type for you. You can wear simple leather bands or designs that feature skulls or guitars as long as you like how it looks. If your hair and attitude is rock and roll, you can even pair these with your formal wear, just make sure to lose the tie and leave the collar of your shirt slightly open for some more of that rocker attitude.
  3. Ropes And Cords: These are more informal and should ideally be worn in a more casual setting if you like to follow fashion rules. They can be best paired with jeans and a T and can be worn stacked up on one wrist if you want them to stand out more.
  4. ID Bracelets: This retro bracelet is one that can be worn with almost anything since it is so simple and versatile. It is a great option to wear with a white shirt and a pair of your favourite well fitted jeans.

As you can see, there are plenty of styles and many ways to wear bracelets that make owning a few bracelets interesting and a good way to complement your outfit.