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What Is Wireless EMS Fitness Training?

EMS training is also one of the new technologies that created a buzz in the fitness world. People find it so effective that gym goers and even athletes are using it for muscle training and injury recovery.

Wireless EMS training is another latest and advanced form of EMS training.

Are you enthusiastic enough to know what exactly wireless EMS is? This article provides the nitty-gritty of wireless fitness training so that you understand it better.

What is EMS? 

Prior to understanding wireless EMS, let us try to take a brief note of what EMS is. EMS, or electrical muscle stimulation, is one kind of fitness training where the electrodes will be fitted to different muscles of your body. The equipment will stimulate the muscles. The stimulation causes micro contraction up to around 40 times per second. You will experience a kind of soaring in your muscle, and finally, you will get relief from muscle pain.

When some muscle gets injured, it reduces in size. It is found from the observation that EMS works great with muscle strengthening, especially in conditions where the individual is suffering from Cancer or some other chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

According to claims, with EMS training, 95% fiber activation of all the muscles is made possible. Thus, within less time, we get more fitness training.

What Is Wireless EMS? 

Wireless EMS fitness training performs the same function as that of the EMS but without some traditional machine setup.

Here the fitness trainer can control the electrical stimulation on the particular muscle. This regulation can be made with Bluetooth. This is the prime difference and technological upgradation that you are getting with wireless EMS. If you want to know more about it, find wireless EMS in Aventura.

How Does Wireless EMS Training Work?

With EMS Training, the stimulus happens when you increase the intensity of the workouts. Here the frequency and the strength are determined by the machine itself. Thus it completely bypasses the brain. The trainer controls the intensity of the stimulation completely.

The power suit that the users wear while training comprises 20 silver pads. They are fitted with electrodes through which the stimulation is provided. The pads contain low-voltage electrodes that deliver the EMS stimulation to the body of the individual.

The stimulation is applied to the muscles. The injured muscles get recovered through constant stimulation via electrodes in the pads.


There are certain benefits of wireless EMS training. Let us try to know them here to get a better understanding.

According to a study, around 95% of the muscle fiber activation can be achieved within 20-minute studio classes.

The Wireless EMS training is safe because the principal command will be at the hand of your trainer.

Just because this equipment doesn’t have wire support, athletes and gym goers can move freely when they engage in fitness training. With no wire, you get the freedom of movement, which is a plus point against wired systems.

Who Can Benefit?

EMS technology is considered safe, so gym goers and athletes are using it to serve its ends. But there are no such reservations when it comes to using technology for fitness improvement.

The persons who have less time can benefit maximum from this technology. This is because you get the simulation’s benefits without spending extra time. You just need to engage in your regular gym activity; EMS benefits will come automatically.

Winding Up?

If you need to lose body weight and reduce cellulite effectively, you can definitely go for wireless EMS training for sure. Even seniors who are looking to maintain body fat, as well as muscles, can bank on this technology. It is quite safe and secure, that’s for sure. Therefore it can be found that wireless EMS training successfully helps you by taking care of your muscles.