Why Pack Light and Sustainable Clothes for Your Next Road Trip? 

Sustainability has become a buzzword in the design world, and fashion is now seen as a way for both companies and consumers to make a positive impact on the environment. Sustainability, however, also translates to natural, breathable, and light fabrics which are perfect for a summer road trip for two main reasons: they are super comfy and they’ll keep your suitcase light. So let’s look at some popular fabrics and pieces you should pack for your next adventure.

Chambray: Light, Breezy, and Sustainable

Chambray is a popular material for summer clothing because it is light, comfortable, and breathable. If you are already a fan of this cool material, then you will be pleased to know that you are making a contribution to the wellbeing of the Planet. Chambray is a natural fiber that is made of cotton. When organic cotton is used to make it, the material is completely biodegradable. It uses less water than non-organic cotton because soil boasts better quality. Needless to say, a cute blouse made from Chambray would be a perfect addition to your summer road trip ansamble.

Enjoy a Comfy Pair of Bamboo Shoes

Bamboo is a popular green material that is being embraced by the sustainable fashion industry. It grows quickly, with some species reaching full maturity in just three months. It does not need fertilizer and it self-regenerates using its own roots. It also requires very little labor and water compared to other plant species and it is fully biodegradable. Finally, it helps purify the air, since it produces around 30% more oxygen than the average tree. Nowadays, it is used to make shoes, shirts, even pants, and what’s perhaps most surprising is that clothes – and especially shoes – made of bamboo are actually very comfortable.

Have Fun Wearing a Faux Leather Skirt

Did you know that beautiful, ultra-soft, natural-looking vegan leather can be made from materials such as pineapples and mushrooms? One of the most popular types of faux leather is made from a pineapple leaf fiber called Piñatex. Vegan leather is trending in car interiors as well as fashion, with top marques such as Buick, Chevrolet, Subaru, and many more brands fitting seats with leather-free seats for eco-conscious individuals who are in the market for a new vehicle. Can you imagine a fun outing in a beautiful faux leather skirt during your trip? It’d sure be a show stopper – so make sure to add it to your list.

An Algae Dress: Living, ‘Breathing’ Fashion

Cutting-edge brands are using a technique called biogarmentry, which involves the use of living cells that engage in photosynthesis and change a garment’s appearance over time. Some use green algae, for instance, spinning the latter with nanopolymers to produce a very fine, light fabric whose algae component is ‘activated’ when the sun hits it. This sea-inspired super light fabric is used to make the most heavenly summer dresses that not only make you look fabulous but are extremely comfortable to wear. It’s a must-pack item for whatever adventure you’re about to embark on.

Sustainable fashion is all the rage, with materials like chambray, bamboo, and even living clothing changing the face of the industry. Consumers have spoken and they are demanding transparency and environmental commitment. But perhaps the greatest perk of sustainable clothing is that it is super comfortable, which makes it the perfect choice for long or short trips.