Why Floating Holidays Are So Popular

The tourism industry has been heavily impacted by the pandemic and with positive signs that a return to normal is on the horizon, people are starting to think about holidays again. While luxury resorts are nice, they are all pretty similar and one thing is for sure, tourist numbers will be very high and no one likes to rub shoulders at the buffet table. Coupled with rising prices, the typical package holiday is not as attractive as it once was and with attractive luxury yacht rental, you enjoy a new dimension of holiday.

Owning your holiday

You could buy a boat in Singapore from a leading yacht broker and enjoy great floating holidays whenever you have the time. This small island nation is a very popular mooring location, as you have access to Indonesia and the amazing Andaman Sea, which has to be seen to be believed. The Malaysian coast is stunning and not many vessels know about some of the jewel islands and bays that can be found along the coast of Malaysia. Let’s face it, if you fall in love with holidaying on the ocean, the best way forward is a boat purchase.

Freedom & independence

When you charter a fully crewed yacht, you consult with the captain regarding routes and nothing is set in stone when you charter a fully crewed yacht. Enjoy cocktails in a secluded bay and go ashore for a beach BBQ, or enjoy seafood cuisine on the yacht and with a lot of water toys at your disposal, you can enjoy the tropical waters in SouthEast Asia. The captain knows where the local fish markets are and you can acquire fresh seafood for your evening dinners, while visiting beach bars and enjoying the nightlife.

Avoid crowds

The last thing you want is a positive Covid test while on holiday and with so many people looking to travel in 2022, a floating holiday is all the more attractive. Nobody likes crowds and when you are on a private yacht, you couldn’t be any further from the throngs of tourists and whenever you have the desire to mix socially, ask the skipper for a beach recommendation. If you are looking for investment tips, click here.

Easy to book

Thanks to digital solutions, it has never been easier to charter a luxury catamaran or yacht; start by searching online for a leading yacht broker and see what vessels they have on offer. The prime locations include Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, where you can meet your vessel at one of their luxury marinas and the entire holiday can be arranged via the broker’s website. They would have at least 50 vessels that are available for charter, from small catamarans to 100ft superyachts and everything in between. When you have a group, charter prices are even more affordable and they have vessels of all sizes.

If you fancy immersing yourself in a tropical paradise aboard a luxury yacht, Google is your best friend and there’s still time to book for the summer of 2022.