Why Plus Size Lingerie is Growing In Demand?

In the past few years, the rate at which the plus size lingerie segment has recorded growth is quite astounding. Well, it can be said that it’s a surprise that it took so long because the plus size women’s clothing is a $21 billion market left unattended by the manufacturers. But now even the most reputed brands are fulfilling the demand and taking full advantage of the growing demand from around the world. There are so many reasons behind such a huge demand for the plus size lingerie at HautFlair.

The first reason is the demand created by the plus size women who were very desperate to have brasseries and lingerie designed to suit their body shape and size. If looking at the statistics 1 woman out of 5 in the United States alone is overweight. With more and more women becoming overweight and lot curvier they find it hard to buy innerwear that doesn’t let them compromise on the comfort but look stylish and seductive as well. In the past women who were not slim, it was a pain to shop for suitable size bras and panties and other innerwear types. So when women of plus size advocated about their needs and when the manufacturers witnessed so many queries the plus size lingerie product line was introduced by the big brands. And in fact, the big brands got surprised when they recorded huge sales in the particular segment.

Besides being a $21 billion lingerie segment it was quite surprising that it was kept unattended. But there were obvious reasons for that. Women in the past were not so advocative of their clothing and right to wear. But now today’s women have become advanced and don’t leave any stone unturned to communicate their voice against anything which matters to them. Nowadays women have left the “body-shame” behind and have categorized themselves as curvy instead of overweight. The term overweight has now become a thing of the past. The HauteFlair plus size lingerie market today is full of sexy plus size lingerie, stylish innerwear, brasseries and everything else similar to the traditional lingerie market.

With the growing demand, big brands are offering a lot of variety making this segment grow at even more quick rate. The plus-size bikini with pink and turquoise with sexy lace, strapless are catching the attention of plus size women around the world. The wide variety of products available in the plus size lingerie segment has provided the much-needed confidence to the plus size women who had to compromise with the unstylish, untrendy lingerie which grandma used to wear. The body-positive experience that this plus size lingerie segment has provided to the plus size women is quite amazing.

Because of the easy availability of the plus size lingerie today’s women don’t feel shy of their body and have become more confident. To the good of lingerie brands, the numbers are only increasing which is making the plus size lingerie segment the most profitable for the plus size lingerie manufacturers.