9 Fun Gift Ideas for Him

Practical gifts definitely have their place, but sometimes it is nice to open up something fun. These are nine fun gift ideas for the guys in your life.

1. Teach Him How To Be Useful

Does your man sit on the couch playing video games all day? Give him the gift of usefulness with a subscription to For just a few bucks a month, your dude can learn to cook with Gordon Ramsay, skateboard with Tony Hawk, become a titan of business with Bob Iger, or take one of the other more than 90 different classes taught on the site. There’s even a class that will teach him how to make video games. 

2. Keep His Beer Looking Stylish

You could buy him just another beer koozie with the name of some sports team on it, or you could get a stylish puffer coat koozie from Your guy is sure to be the envy of all his friends with his well dressed and ice-cold beverage. 

3. Charge His Devices

Are you always fighting with your guy over an available port to charge your smartphone, earbuds, smartwatch, and tablet? Get your guy a 3-in-1 charging stand to help keep his devices organized and charged without taking up all the outlets and USB ports in the house.

4. Enroll Him in a Beer of the Month Club

OK, so maybe this isn’t as good a gift as an inground swimming pool, but it sure beats the heck out of a jelly of the month club. If your man is a beer lover, he is sure to enjoy the fine selection of tasty beers from small, independent breweries offered by the Craft Beer Club

5. Give Him the Gift of Making His Own Breakfast

Tired of getting up early on the weekend to fill your guy’s belly with tasty vittles? Make it easy for him to feed his own self with a Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker. This genius gadget will let your dude toast his English muffin, fry his egg, and heat his Canadian bacon all at the same time. No more early morning trips to the drive-through! If you’re lucky, maybe he will even make a sandwich for you. 

6. Give Him What He Really Wants

Everyone knows guys only have one thing on their minds. Get your man a rechargeable power screwdriver, so he can screw whenever and wherever he wants. These handy gadgets are perfect for little jobs around the house, like putting together toys on Christmas morning.

7. Help Him Remember His Name

There are personalized versions of just about any product you can think of from wallets to towels to bathrobes. You can even get your guy’s name written in his underwear if you want. Taking the time to get an item personalized is a great way to make an ordinary gift extra-special. 

8. Butter Him Up

As a popular ad campaign is always reminding us, guys have skin too. Your man’s skin will look, feel, and smell great once he starts using Sophisticated’s whipped hand and body butter. 

9. Take Care of His Boys

Those tighty whities can be murder on your guy’s sensitive parts. Buy him a pair of underwear with pouch and he will thank you for it. You can make this gift both practical and fun by choosing a fun or sexy novelty design. 

The gifting landscape is littered with boring socks and ties. If you don’t want your gift to end up in next year’s yard sale, make your man’s special day memorable by picking out a gift that’s just as much fun as he is.