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3 Gift Ideas for a Fashionable Man

With the holidays moving quickly upon us, it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll get for those special people in your life.

Especially if you’re planning to get a gift for a particularly stylish man in your life, it can be hard to know what type of quality of gift you should give. Luckily, there are a couple types of gifts that are essentially fail-safe when it comes to gifts for men who are aware of style and trends. Here are three gift ideas to consider when shopping for a fashionable man in your life.

A Gift Of Time

One staple of the fashionable male wardrobe is a watch. Whether you think the man in your life is concerned about being on time or not, having a watch is a great way to accessorize any look.

Especially if the guy you’re buying your gift for has to wear a certain uniform or wardrobe for their job or other activities, a watch may be one of the only things he can wear that will showcase his style and personality. So whether the man you’re shopping for already has a few watches or hasn’t yet found his signature timepiece yet, giving him a gift of time in this way could be a great option.

A Lifestyle Class Or Experience

In some situations, you might be hesitant to buy a fashionable guy anything that he’d wear on the off-chance that he wouldn’t find it in his style. To combat this, you might want to consider giving him a gift of some type of lifestyle class or experience that can help he become an even better version of the fashionable man he already is.

Some options you might want to consider, according to Sam Dangremond and Roxanne Adamiyatt, contributors to Town and Country Magazine, could include a cocktail making class, a photography class, or tickets to a show or concert that he’s particularly interested in.

A Classic Shoe

Depending on the type of fashionable lifestyle the man you’re getting a gift for has, buying shoes could be a great option for a present.

Especially if you stick to the classics, and you know what his shoe size is, you almost can’t go wrong with this gift. To give you some ideas, India Yaffe, a contributor to, recommends going with options like loafers, slippers, sneakers, boots, or high-tops in a brand you’re certain he knows and loves.

If you’ve been trying to think of the perfect gift for the fashionable men in your life, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you narrow down your search and find something he’ll truly love to style himself with.