How to Make Your Long-Distance Low-Cost Flight More Fun

Since international travel is finally opening up again, a new breed of flights is appearing on the market – low-cost, long-distance. Various low-cost carriers are now offering flights between North America, Europe, the UAE and Egypt, but with the outstanding value comes a lack of the kind of niceties we’ve previously been spoiled with on longer flights.

So, to redress the balance, if you decide to venture further afield and dip your toe into these bargain flights, here are a couple of handy tips that will make your life a little more comfy and help you enjoy the journey.

Grab Snacks and Drinks in the Airport

Low-cost carriers don’t offer any complimentary food service, and while the onboard menu offerings are gradually improving, you’ll generally find a better range and value in the airport before you go. Just remember to wait until you’ve gone through security or your panini will be cold and the security guard will have that bottle of wine off you before you can say “cheers”! Double check, but most carriers will allow you to take food and drink purchased after passing through security on board with you. Alternatively, once you’re through, you can feel free to fill your own bottle for the flight if you wish.

Download Some Movies Beforehand

While the food offering may be slim, the entertainment on low-cost carriers is zero (if you ignore the flying), and there’ll likely be no Wi-Fi. So if you’re going to be stuck in that seat for five or six hours, you’ll want to bring a tablet or a laptop for streaming with you and preload it with a couple of the latest movies or your favourite series. Get fully into the spirit of low-cost travel and use the free airport Wi-Fi to download your choice of inflight entertainment, and make sure you’ve got a good set of noise-cancelling headphones with you so you’re not disturbing others with your Die Hard marathon, and equally so the screaming kid in aisle three is just a figment of someone else’s imagination.

Get the Best Seats

When you’re just doing a quick hop across the country, seat choice is all but irrelevant; however, when that seat is to be your home for the next six hours, it takes on a new level of importance. While you won’t find business class luxury, researching and paying a little extra to get yourself an extra-legroom seat at the front of the cabin or in an exit row can really make the difference to whether you’re bounding off the flight rested and with a spring in your step or being wheeled off a seized-up mess.

Taking advantage of the new wave of low-cost long-distance flights needn’t mean arriving bored and exhausted. With a bit of forethought and planning, you can have a great flight, and arrive rested, comfortable, and ready to use all the cash you saved to splash out and treat yourself at the destination!