4 Tips For a Successful First Date

According to surveys, one of the most nerve-wracking experiences is going on a first date with someone. Regardless of how confident that you are, everyone experiences first date jitters. You have no idea how it will go, so you may start to fixate on everything that could possibly happen. Will it be an awkward disaster? Will you fall in love at first sight and get married?

Ultimately it will come down to your chemistry between the two of you, and unfortunately, chemistry can’t be forced. However, while you can’t force true love, there are some tips to help increase your chances of at least a second date.

Here is some first date advice for you to make her smile and willing to go out with you again.

Put Thought Into Your Appearance

There is a lot of conflicting advice out there, and you hear a lot of people saying to “play it cool” on the first date. While it’s true that going to dramatic lengths to impress her, or trying too hard can backfire, that doesn’t mean you should show up looking like you just rolled out of bed.

That doesn’t mean you need to put on a tuxedo, or patent leather shoes, however, you should put on a casual jacket and brush your hair a few times.

Make sure that you smell good and haven’t just gotten out of the gym. She will appreciate that you put in a little effort!

Have Real Conversation

There’s nothing worse than making small talk for hours on end. If you want to make it a memorable date, then focus on going deeper. Be vulnerable about your past and open to answering any questions she might have.

Don’t forget that conversation isn’t a one-sided affair. In addition to answering her questions, make sure you ask about her too. The conversation should progress throughout the date and flow into a deeper connection.

Plan What You’ll do Ahead of Time

There’s nothing more awkward than both of you arriving at your meeting point and saying, “what do you want to do?” “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” for several minutes.

Have a plan in place and organize what you’ll do ahead of time. Activity dates make for great ones because it takes the focus off of being pressured to have a conversation. Instead, you can both focus on the activity and talk in a more relaxed way.

Compliment Her

Women are just as unsure as men when it comes to knowing what the opposite sex is thinking. There’s nothing more reassuring than telling her that she looks nice. Don’t be afraid to shower her with compliments if they’re sincere!