Great Places That You Can Visit While On A Vacation In Texas

Countries are slowly recovering and opening up for tourists, and this has encouraged people to go outdoors and travel again. In Europe, countries such as France, Italy, Germany and Greece have been easing up on lockdown, and some people are also looking at the UK for a nice retreat for the holidays.

Meanwhile in the US, one of the many states that people are looking forward to visit is Texas. Texas is ranked among the top 10 popular states to visit in America, and prior to the pandemic it welcomed around 72.5 million visitors. Texas offers diverse views and landscapes, great food with its barbecues and burgers, and unique history and culture with its renowned ranches and rodeos. For those interested in exploring Texas for their next vacation, here are just some of the popular destinations to visit in The Lone Star State.

Beach getaways and water sport activities

In South Padre Island, you can watch dolphins or engage in jet skiing, boating or fishing. Nearby, you can also find the town of Port Isabel, the unique town with a lighthouse where you can dine, shop, and visit museums. You can also visit the coastal city Galveston if you’re in the mood for a nice and relaxing stroll on the beach, and you can also have fun on the rides in Pleasure Pier. Popular locations where tourists like to cool off and swim especially during the summer are Jacob’s Well in Wimberley and Hamilton’s Pool in Austin.

Exciting outdoor adventures

If you’re up for a scenic drive, then you can visit Amarillo for a road trip to Texas’s famous Route 66. Visit its well-known attractions such as Cadillac Ranch where you can take a photo with the Cadillac cars, or leave your mark with spray paint free of charge. Its next famous attraction, the Palo Duro Canyon, is the second largest canyon in the US where you can go hiking, biking or horseback riding. You can also explore Burnet County known for its beautiful lakes with RV parks and campsites that allow tourists to go camping, boating, golfing and fishing. Consider also visiting Fredericksburg for its popular wildflowers during the spring, and visit its various shops and local wineries.

A genuine cowboy experience

No Texas adventure would be complete without experiencing the Wild West lifestyle. You can sample what it’s like to live as a cowboy by staying in guest or dude ranches. Bandera is hailed as “The Cowboy Capital of the World” where some of the most popular ranches in Texas are located. Famous ranches like the Mayan Dude Ranch and Rancho Cortez can provide an authentic and family friendly Wild West experience with campfires, trail rides and homemade meals. For those who’d like to know what it’s like to truly work as a cowboy in daily life, consider staying at working ranches on your holiday.

Texas is home to various activities and sights that can provide a memorable and enjoyable experience not commonly found in other vacations. The destinations that have been listed are just some of the most well-known tourist attractions, and you are free to discover many more of what Texas has in store for you, should you ever come to visit the state.