5 Best Places to Spend Your Holidays in Europe

Ranging from its surreal cities geared with festive memorabilia, the warm charm of dwellers beaming with festive cheer and aroma of various culinary treats to elevate your Holiday, Europe ranks top of many traveler’s bucket lists.

Given the panoply of holiday destinations in Europe to select from, however, choosing an ideal destination for you may prove an arduous task. To help you sift through these, we compared various destinations based on the activities and festive seasons they are best for, thus recommending these top five places to spend your holidays in Europe.

Algarve golf holidays proves ideal for a sports vacation, as not only does it offer the entrapments of the best holiday destinations but also the best chance to put your golfing skills to tests and play on a wide range of courses.

1. Algarve golf holidays

Ranging from state-of-the-art resorts, World-class golf courses to pocket-friendly prices, the Algarve golf holidays check all boxes for an affordable holiday place in Europe. Seated to the south of Portugal, the Algarve proves a dime as not only does it provide for a diverse set of interests but also offers access to excellent spas, breathtaking sandy beaches, and delicious cuisines that few destinations can match.

Even better, Algarve offers you a chance to explore nature with a wide species of wildlife and scenic beauty that provides for a shot worth framing. Among the resorts Algarve golf holidays offers include but are not limited to Dona Filipa, Dom Pedro Marina, and Aqua Pedra Dos Bicos.

2. Salzburg

Raking the fourth-Largest city in Austria, Salzburg has tons of sceneries and experiences to offer. Famed as the city of culture, Salzburg proves an ideal winter destination and most popular holiday destination in Europe.

A testament to the diversity of activities and attractions has to offer, this city boasts of cultures and attractions ranging from rich religious history, musical history (as the birthland of the music icon, Mozart) and beer festival to mention a few.

When taking the musical tour and venturing the baroque architecture, you are assured a quality experience when following in the steps of the Von Trapps. Among the sites I would recommend for you to tour include: the Sulzberger Altstadt, The Salzburg cathedral, Untersberg, and the Wasserspiele Heilbrun.

3. London

The capital city of the United Kingdom’s boasts of rich history dating back past two millennia. When touring London, you not only get to see the Buckingham Palace, the British Museum and Madame Tussaud’s wax collection but also a chance to peak into the rich history all courtesy of the South Kensington museums and the Tate galleries.

What ranks London as the best tourist destination in Europe, however, is its Iconic architectural marvels, which all bear a substantial amount of history dating back up to the precolonial era. Even better, London is home to the most iconic hotels and also boasts of a quality travel network, thus making it more accessible as compared to other destinations.

4. Rome

Said to have been founded by Romulus and Remus, sons of the god of war, Mars, Rome boasts of a rich culture predating that of many destinations. Being the cradle to modern civilization as we know it, Rome boasts of the most ancient runes that not only feature in theatrics but also adorn most showcases and households.

As such, visiting the town lets you take a glimpse into the era of the roman empire and to relate better with cinemas and documentaries that delve into the pinnacle of ancient civilization. Even better, Rome proves a great place to visit in Europe for a spiritual journey and the chance to visit the cathedral.

Among the areas to visit in Rome include The arch of Constantine, the Colosseum, the Vatican City, and the Trevi fountain to wish for your innate desires.

5. Paris

While the former is famed for its historical wealth, Paris has adorned the cinematic realm owing to its charming architecture, beautiful sceneries, and an active nightlife. Crimsoned La Ville-Lumière, also the city of lights, Paris ranks among the top educational centers, thus a city of enlightenment.

Besides the Eiffel tower, Paris offers you an opportunity to tour the arc de Triomphe, museums, cathedrals, and multiple fashion hubs for a wardrobe makeover.


Having invested a considerable portion of your time tending to your duties, holidays prove an ideal time to refocus your energy and pursue your desires. As such, this shows the perfect time to retrieve your bucket list and unleash your mind from the confines of your daily routine, thus getting ample relaxation.

By visiting the places mentioned above to spend your holidays in Europe, you are assured not only a quality time but also quality memories and pictures to show for it.