5 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Wedding Car

Wedding ceremonies are often considered one of the most nerve-wracking, exciting, and romantic moments in a person’s life. Thus, if you’re tying the knot anytime soon, it’s understandable that you’re feeling nervous and pressured about ensuring everything goes smoothly and perfectly.

However, one aspect that most couples miss until the last minute is their wedding car. Unless you’re getting wedded in your backyard and the ceremony and reception will be held there in one place, you can ditch the wedding car. But if you’re getting married somewhere else, you and your spouse-to-be will need a wedding car to take you to the ceremony and reception.  

Hiring a wedding car will ensure you both arrive at your wedding ceremony promptly. You also get to arrive in style, adding an elegant touch to your wedding ceremony. But before you book the traditional stretch limo, there are a few mistakes some couples make that you must be aware of to relieve yourself of the stress and pressure of hiring the wrong wedding car and jeopardizing the entire wedding ceremony.  

For your guide, here are five mistakes to avoid when choosing a wedding car.  

Last-minute Booking 

The most common mistake couples make when choosing a wedding car is booking it at the very last minute. Although you may assume that there are many wedding car rental services available in your area, you need to remember that lots of people are getting married now and then. Formal vehicles like wedding cars are also rented during prom or graduation ceremonies where students would like to arrive fashionably for their events.  

If you book your wedding car at the last minute, there’s a high risk that you’ll be left with limited options since most of the best formal vehicles are already booked. So, if you want the most spectacular wedding car for your wedding day, be an early bird and try to book your vehicle at least six to nine months in advance. You may start your wedding car hunting by first checking out wedding car rentals online, such as or other similar websites. 

After narrowing down your choices, you can visit their location to check the cars personally. Remember, the earlier you are, the more options you get to choose, according to their price, style, and car model.  

Failure To Perform Car Inspection 

Choosing your wedding car doesn’t end after you’ve made reservations online. As much as possible, before you even finalize anything, check the vehicle personally and perform a full car inspection. Remember, choosing your wedding car is more than its style, model, or color. Your wedding car needs to be fully functional to ensure you arrive at your wedding location on time, without any delay caused by car problems. You don’t want to be late for your wedding just because the car suddenly broke down or the tires are flat. 

Furthermore, a full car inspection allows you to personally inspect the vehicle and have a feel for what it’s like to ride on it on your way to the wedding. You can test the car seats, windows, and car door to see if it opens smoothly as part of your grand entrance. So, don’t rely on the pictures and car descriptions you see online. Visit the company’s location and check the car yourself.  

Booking The Traditional Stretch Limo 

The most popular vehicle most couples rent for their wedding is the standard stretch limo. Although there’s nothing wrong with choosing this one, remember that every wedding and every couple is different. So, if you can personalize the other aspects of your wedding, why not do the same for your wedding car? 

Instead of the traditional stretch limo, you can browse other wedding car options like the VW Campervan, Vintage Rolls Royce, Lamborghini Huracan, or Beauford roadster. You can also choose your wedding car based on your personal love story. For instance, you and your fiancé love to travel on a campervan, so a VW Campervan wedding car would surely fit your wedding. Or, if your wedding theme is vintage, you can opt for a Vintage Rolls Royce. Ultimately, don’t be afraid to spice things up and stir away from the classic stretch limo.  

Ignoring Other Services Provided By The Wedding Car Rental  

After you choose your wedding car, don’t forget to ask about the other services they offer. Wedding car rental services are more than just letting clients use their vehicles. They also provide additional services that can significantly improve your wedding day experience, such as their chauffeur service. Rather than asking a friend or relative to drive the car for you, their professional and uniformed chauffeurs will ensure your ride goes smoothly and promptly. They’re also accredited with transportation licenses, ensuring you’re in good hands. 

Besides their chauffeur services, they may include other services in their packages, such as car decorations, full music control, light refreshments, and even a wedding coordinator. 

Not Taking Into Account Your Wedding Gown  

When choosing a wedding car, most couples fail to consider the bride’s wedding gown. Nowadays, most modern wedding dresses have lengthy skirts and bulky ballgowns. Unfortunately, not all wedding cars may be huge enough to make room for the bride and her elaborate wedding gown.  

No one wants to make their grand entrance with their wedding skirt barely going through the car window or if the bride is almost drowning from all the wedding gown fabric. So, when choosing a wedding car, consider the bride’s wedding gown and see if she and her dress can fit perfectly and sit properly.  

Choose Your Wedding Car Wisely 

Now that you know the common mistakes, you’re also aware of which to avoid and what not to do when choosing your wedding car. By keeping these things in mind, you can guarantee that you and your fiancé will have a smooth and stress-free experience in selecting a wedding car that will jump-start your married life in style.