5 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Your Wedding Rings

The wedding ring can mean differently to many people. For some, it’s a symbol of lifetime commitment and everlasting love. Others may also consider it as a sentimental remembrance of their wedding day. For others, the wedding ring may also serve as a reminder that they’re married, which is why they choose to wear it for life. Regardless of what it means to a couple, wedding rings have already been part of the wedding ceremony for decades and will continue for many years to come.

If you and your partner will be tying the knot soon, shopping for your wedding rings should be among the main priorities in your wedding preparation to-do list. But like other things, choosing your wedding rings won’t be easy, considering there are hundreds of options out there. Furthermore, wedding rings can be expensive, and shopping without a plan could result in costly mistakes.

Knowing which to avoid can make your wedding ring shopping experience easier. For your guide, here are five mistakes one should avoid when choosing wedding rings:

Assuming Matching Wedding Rings Is Obligatory 

Perhaps you’ve seen wedding scenes in movies wherein the bride and groom are wearing matching wedding rings. Although it’s a tradition for many couples, matching wedding rings isn’t obligatory. Otherwise, forcing your partner to match wedding rings with you will result in them not liking the ring, or the ring won’t fit their lifestyle. 

So, when choosing wedding rings, make sure to consider your partner’s preferences. You can shop for your wedding rings together so you can both have your opinions and suggestions during the selection process.

For example, if you like a wedding ring that exudes more masculinity, you may consider wood rings, tungsten rings, or black zirconium rings from or other wedding ring stores in your area. These wedding rings are also suitable for couples with an active lifestyle or with jobs involving strenuous hand movements.

Another option is choosing complementary rings, especially if you still want your rings to have a sense of uniformity despite the differences. For instance, you can have the same wedding ring styles but contrasting metals, or vice versa. Ultimately, there are many ways you can match your wedding rings without having to buy identical ones.

Not Setting And Sticking To Your Budget 

As mentioned, wedding rings can be expensive, so setting aside a specific budget for your wedding rings is crucial to ensure you don’t spend more than you can handle. Otherwise, you might start your married life with debts just because you bought a wedding ring set over your financial capability.

Before choosing and buying your wedding rings, check your finances and set aside a specific budget. You can think of this as your practice of how you handle your finances, control your expenses, and make essential financial decisions. 

Choosing Your Rings Until The Last Minute 

Understandably, you have many things to deal with for your wedding preparation such as the venue, decorations, outfits, food catering, etc. For others, choosing the wedding rings is done a few weeks or days before the wedding. In short, it’s often scheduled at the last minute. Unfortunately, doing so will leave you little time to choose wedding rings and may result in picking the wrong ones. Remember, wedding ring shopping should be done thoughtfully and collaboratively.

You need to consider several elements such as your budget, your taste or preferences, lifestyle, size, etc. To ensure all these considerations are checked, you need at least six to eight months to choose and finalize your wedding rings. If you’re thinking of personalizing them with engravings, you’ll need even more time to have them perfectly engraved by the jeweler. So, if you want the best wedding rings for your ceremony, schedule your wedding ring shopping at the earliest time possible.

Randomly Purchasing The First Ring You See

While visiting the first jewelry shop, perhaps you’ll find a wedding ring set to your liking. As much as possible, don’t buy the first ring you see right away. Doing so will only take away your chance to see other great wedding ring options from different stores and end up regretting the ring you already purchased.

Thus, don’t let your emotions influence your buying decisions; wait until you’ve checked several jewelry stores before choosing your wedding rings. Remember, both of you will be wearing your wedding rings for life, so ensure that you pick the ones you both love and adore.

Lack Of Research

If you’re looking to buy diamond wedding rings, you need to do your own in-depth research about the diamond 4Cs: cut, clarity, color, and carat. Failure to understand and research these critical factors might lead you to buy a diamond wedding ring of poor quality. So, before browsing for specific diamond ring styles or designs, take the time to know more about the diamond 4Cs.


Your chosen wedding rings are among the most critical and most sentimental features during your wedding day. By being conscious of these common mistakes, you and your partner can choose the perfect wedding rings you’ll be happy to wear for life.