5 Stylish Wedding Bands For Modern Brides

It isn’t everybody that likes to stick with tradition; many young women prefer to set their own style and focus on what they like, rather than what is expected. While solitaire diamond rings are popular for an engagement, a lot of women prefer a band for the wedding ring, either gold or platinum.

Here are 5 of the best wedding band designs for the 21st-century bride.

Inverted Diamonds – This is a novel way to set pave diamonds into a wedding band, with 3 or 5 stones set into the inner surface of the ring, countersunk so the wearer does not feel the stones when wearing the ring. Just because it looks like a simple gold band, that does not mean you can’t incorporate diamonds (or any other gemstones) into the inner surface.

Gold & Platinum Twine – Two magical strands expertly entwined, and you have an eye-catching ring that turns heads. There are leading customer jewellers that craft custom wedding rings for women. You design the ring from scratch, and the jeweller can show you some images of previous projects to give you some creative inspiration.

3 Pave Diamonds Set In A Gold Band – Three identical pink Argyle diamonds set in the front of the ring for a delicate-looking, yet durable wedding band with a difference. If this concept excites you, search online for a leading jewellery maker and they would be happy to share a Zoom call to discuss styles and budget. The custom jeweller can work to the client’s budget and what’s more, they can acquire quality gemstones at trade prices.

Golden Snake – Tiny red rubies make the snake eyes, while the head meets the tail in a classic design. You could go one further and have two snakes entwined, one of gold and one of platinum. When you commission a custom jeweller, you choose every aspect of the ring design to create a very special wedding band that you will treasure forever. Search online for Sydney custom wedding rings or visit a reputable jeweller in your area, and the professional can help to design the perfect wedding band that exceeds even your high expectations.

Black Diamond Trinity Ring – For the girl who wants something different, why not choose 3 superb black diamonds? Have the central stone slightly larger. With yellow gold or platinum, you have a very unusual wedding ring. Black and gold go together like bread and butter. With a custom hand-made wedding brand, your wedding will be very special.

If you are a woman who loves the contemporary look, choose a unique hand-made wedding band crafted by a skilled jeweller. If ever there was a time for bespoke jewellery, your wedding would be it and the bespoke jeweller is more than capable of turning your ring concept into reality. Start with a Zoom call to discuss designs and prices and set the ball rolling. With your input, the wedding band of your choosing will be waiting for you when you walk up the aisle.