Dream Wedding: Make Your Long Island Wedding Dream Come True

Your wedding day is soon, and you are very excited, as you should be. If you are planning to have this day in Long Island, you have come to the right place. Planning your big day can be stressful. 

Selecting the right venue, choosing the decor, looking for the best caterer, the to-do list for the wedding goes on. And all these must fit into your budget, and make it picture perfect. 

In this article, we have covered solutions to all of your problems. 

The Venue

If you have decided to have your wedding at Long Island, you have dreamed of the perfect destination wedding. One of our most recommended venues is at With the capacity of 500 people, you can make your big day the grandest of all.

If you are more into a beachfront wedding, beach club venues can be your dream place. This type of facility is generally large, with a capacity of 400 people. Plus, they may be able to provide you with a private beach for your event!

Want to seal your wedding deal with a kiss in front of a sunset view? Go for the Sunset Harbour to make your dream come true. If you appreciate greenery, choose a glass-enclosed site so you can enjoy the view with the rest of the wedding guests. 

You can decorate the glass-enclosed room with arched weathered wooden ceilings, hurricane-style chandeliers, and an oversized retro bar that creates a classic retro atmosphere. It’ll be the icing on the cake if the rooms are sea-facing and you get your private deck. 

The Decor

How the venue is decorated plays a huge role in this whole event. A small, simple venue can look gorgeous if organized right. For the decor, you need to pay attention to the lighting, tables and chairs, and any extra accessories.

Light it Up

The whole appearance of the venue can be changed with just a click of a switch. You can choose different colored lights and use spotlights on the stage. Even if you are not happy with the wall color, you can easily up your game using lights!

Tables and Chairs

For tables, you can go for small circular or rectangular tables with a 6/7 seating arrangement. On the other hand, a long rectangular table that would seat all of your guests together can be a good choice.

Make sure the chairs are comfortable and covered with slipcovers and a nice colored ribbon bow added for the perfect look. Tables and chairs are usually supplied by the venue and do not offer much variety but you can rent and customize according to your plan.

Don’t forget to add centerpieces and nicely folded napkins on the tables to make them look perfect. For the centerpieces, you can choose either flowers, lights, or both.

If you’re stuck and fail to understand how to make the change you want, bring a flower designer on board. They will know all the tricks the vendors needed for such a transformation. You may be charged a service fee for your visit, but the ideas you come up with are worth it. Show them the Pinterest board to keep your vision in mind, and use their imagination to create something spectacular.

Cost Matters Most

Before you start planning, always have a realistic budget in mind. It is no new news that weddings are expensive, and Long Island is considered the third most expensive wedding destination, so you have to have a realistic budget. The average cost of a Long Island wedding is about $61,113, which includes the cost of the venue, the dress, the ring, the cake, the event management, and the photography. Venues cost around $25,000 on average. These values are averages, so your cost may go up or down according to your requirements.

Include Bachelor/ Bachelorette Party

You can plan to include your exciting bachelor/bachelorette party or bridal shower in Long Island too! Even Though the parties are separate for the bride and the groom, nowadays, couples prefer to have one single party for this event. Make the day a grand one with your friends full of fun and joy. 

What About the Guests?

Even if you are repeatedly told that you “enjoy the day” and “you can’t control everything”, you are responsible for the comfort and enjoyment of your guests. Part of the perfect wedding is to make sure your guests have as much or more fun as you! 

You would feel much happier and satisfied when you’re welcoming guests from outside the country or city to your wedding. Those special family members and friends may have traveled a long way to witness you and your loved one tying the knot. So making them comfortable is the top priority. Discuss with your event management to arrange gift bags for every guest to make them feel more welcomed. 

You may want to book hotels for your guests so that they can stay for a few days. Why not make your wedding into a family vacation?

Say “I Do” in Long Island

Your wedding day is the most special event of your life. So why not make it the most lucrative and grandest? Long Island has all the breathtaking venues, amazing shops to grab your wedding essentials from, and is the perfect place that would make you want to fall in love all over again and say “I do” to your partner. Start your happily ever after from Long Island!