6 Must-Have Shoe Styles for Men

When you think of your overall look, shoes play an important role. Ultimately, the footwear that you choose is best to break or make your look. Therefore, if you want to look stylish, ensure that you have the right shoe that complements and completes the ensemble you are wearing for the day. Plus, when you know of various shoe styles that you can add to your collection, you can be in the right direction to having the best shoe styles, and you can have shoes to wear on various occasions. Either you are attending a formal gala or running errands.

Below is a selection of footwear that will stylishly see you through every occasion, that you can consider adding in your shoe collection.

The brogue

The brogue is an amazing dress shoe that in ancient times was considered a far more practical shoe than how it is worn nowadays. When crossing bogs back in old-time Ireland, this shoe was essential as it was useful to help drain the water through the perforations and holes and also when crossing swamps. Nowadays, the use of the brogue is with much more respect, as long as you do not find yourself knee-deep in mud when you wearing them. So, as you choose brogues for formal occasions, choose the dark brown ones. While for casual days, choose lighter brogues. If you prefer black brogues, avoid wearing them to a black-tie event although they look amazing with a suit. Importantly, as you buy your brogues, remember that the more perforated patterns it has, the less formal the shoe.


A man’s shoe collection with no sneakers is not complete. Not just one pair but several for various uses. Especially if you are an active man. As you check through sneakers releases, you can get yourself several of these functional shoes. Start with running sneakers as they are a comfortable and stylish type of sneaker. However, remember if you are choosing running sneakers, they were designed to feel good and not necessarily look good. For this reason, it is important to choose the right pair. For instance, if you want a versatile sneaker, choose one with minimal branding. If you love bright colors on your running sneakers, they work best as a statement street style look. Besides, if you opt for white running shoes, you need to know how to care for them to avoid them looking beaten and bruised after a month of wearing them.

The suede chukka

In recent years, the Chukka has surged back in popularity. If you love a shoe that is not big on embellishments, the shoe to choose is a Chukka. It features two panels, two to three lacing eyelets, it has a round toe, and it is an ankle-high boot. Although there are other types of materials that design a chukka. A suede pair of chukkas stands out because of the texture. Select crème or tan suede chukkas when you shop for the next one. Many people wear them as an alternative to the sneaker due to their elegance for more casual gatherings. Adorn to chukkas with chinos or a pair of jeans, and a polo shirt, for the best ensemble. Additionally, if you want to dress down an outfit that looks too formal with brogues, wear them with chukkas. Style chukkas with a sports jacket and make your outfit more approachable.

The white low top trainer

If you are shopping for a shoe that will give you a casual look. Go for white low top trainers. Do not underrate them and avoid them due to their color. This shoe is a must-have for all men, and you will not regret having it. To style this shoe perfectly, pair with black jeans, and you will love the final look that it gives your ensemble. Also, you can wear this shoe when you find your chukkas and boots make your look seem too much. Since they portray a casual but a neat look when you wear them.

The leather boot

Men’s leather boots are in various styles, and it is not easy to pinpoint just one of them to add to your wardrobe. Also the range available for ankle-high boots is varied, and if you love them, you may end up getting carried away and end up starting a boot collection. The beauty of the boot is that it conveys personality in a way not many shoes can. Choose a leather boot if you are not sure the best boot to select. The leather lace-up boot will come in handy during the winter season. So, choose the ankle-high dark brown or black boot and roll up your pants to get an edgier aesthetic. However, if you prefer a more conservative look, have your trousers over the top of the boots. Invest in a quality pair of leather boots, as they are durable, and they will begin to tell their story as they say.

The loafers

This shoe is a sartorial styling of preppy culture. As a streamlined shoe style, this lace-free, and low shoes are a mainstay for those who love the smart casual dress. Besides, it is a must-have shoe during summer. When you have a pair of brown loafers, they match best with formal and casual looks. Also, if you need one that complements tones like beige, white, and greens, a navy loafer will work best. If you find this shoe an amazing type to have, choose burgundy as well, that will brighten your wardrobe. Beige loafers work best if you need a pair that will suit neutrals, and it complements tanned skin best.

In summary, the above types of shoes are some that most men consider having in their wardrobe. However, it is best to go with those that suit your type of style. Instead of those that will just stay in your shoe collection without you wearing them. Others like oxfords are amazing shoes to have, among others that you have in your collection.