7 Sure Signs of a Great Tailor

In this day and age of modern and quick fashion, it’s hard to find a tailor who can provide timeless or modern pieces of clothing that can make you feel like a million bucks for only a fraction of the cost. 

But this unicorn is hard to find, and there are some tips on recognizing a true skill. Many people out there are great at pretending to be great tailors but fail to provide results. And after that, even try to convince you that this look is the best for you.

Bespoke tailors like this men’s tailor in Dubai are getting harder to find, mainly because “of the rack clothes” are overflowing the market. But they will never fit so perfectly. Most of us believe that bespoke tailoring requires a lot of visits, time, and money. But in fact, a good tailor can create remarkable designer mens wedding suits with just a few visits.

There are some tips on how to distinguish great tailors from bad ones:

  • A good tailor will have recommendations.

Ask your friends, coworkers, and acquaintances who have good taste in clothing about good tailors. Even if they don’t wear tailored clothes, they might know someone who does or have heard about some good and dependable tailor. If none of your contacts can help you, you can always go to Google or Yelp. Just be careful; there are many false reviews on the Internet. After you read enough, you will learn to distinguish them. They are all copying one another and have no personal touch. 

  • He will know how to make difficult alterations.

Short phone inquiry – test the tailor by asking if they can shorten the jacket sleeve, but from the shoulder stitches. Although it sounds simple, this is actually a very demanding alteration. If the tailor can do it, it’s a sign that he knows his work.

  • The store will be spotless.

Don’t be shy. If the store is filthy and disorganized, why do you think they would treat your clothes any other way? Great tailors are proud of their work and want to show it in the best way possible. They are not lazy or sloppy, and their stores are always spotless, even if they don’t have a high-end fancy interior.

  • He will proudly show you some of his latest work.

Again, don’t be shy. Ask to see some pieces of clothes they’ve recently tailored or altered. A master of his trade will always be proud of his work and should be eager to show you. Pay attention to the way they speak about their work. You would be amazed how some tailors, even after several decades on the job, still speak with great passion about their trade. As for the clothes, check if they have any loose threads and if they are clean and presentable.

  • He will excel on the test run.

Ask him to alter a piece of your clothes. Do not, under any circumstances, give your favorite or best piece of clothing for this test. Of course, it shouldn’t be a thrift shop throw-away, but it doesn’t have to be really expensive either. Give the tailor something you wouldn’t mind seeing ruined

Another important thing – a good tailor should also suggest alterations on his own. He should know the way that clothes fit on you and make suggestions. For instance, only the top tailors will spot wrinkles in the back of your jacket and know how to adjust the fabric so it sits correctly on your body.

  • He understands style.

Even if the tailor passes all of the tests above, it’s not of much use if he can’t say no to your irrational demands and allows you to wear something that doesn’t sit properly on you. Also, we live in the 21st century, and you wouldn’t want a tailor that’s stuck back in the 80s. Classic and outdated are two completely different things. Your tailor doesn’t need to be Karl Lagerfeld, but he has to know current trends and how to incorporate them into his creations.

  • You will be able to build a relationship.

If he passes the tests, make more orders. But pay attention to how the relationship develops. Does he remember your name, your style, your dimensions? Do you have to make the same requests constantly? It’s essential that he understands what you want and need and not just push whatever style he finds appropriate. There is a big difference between guidance and dictate.


Finding a good tailor may require some time and effort, and you might even have to scarify some pieces of clothing, but it will be worth it in the end. You will find someone who can help you find the style that’s best for you or help you improve your own. Clothes do not make a man, but it always helps to be the best-dressed man in the room.