The Best Materials for Your Motorcycle Seat

The experienced riders know about the importance of a comfortable seat during the ride. A long road trip usually exhausts everyone, no matter how trained you are. And a seat of great quality may help you a lot. Here is a detailed guide on the most comfortable seats for your bike. For more questions about bikes, go to

Advanced Features of Seat Pads

A perfect seat may not only lessen the stress during the ride but guarantee some additional features. If your motorcycle’s original seat is not comfortable, you may change it for the one you like. The most beneficial functions of high-quality seats:

  • No pain during the ride. A comfortable seat increases the time you can spend on the road without feeling the pain or numbness;
  • Saves your money. The seat helps you to keep your budget unchanged. The stock seat is not comfortable for many of us. And upgrading it may cost over several hundred dollars. A seat pad may be a great alternative in this case;

  • A comfortable seat lessens your suffering from the usual health issues you experience. For example, it spreads the tension on your back evenly. If you have problems with the tailbone or spine, you need a specific seat;
  • Prevents you from the constant stops. It is also a pain-related issue. You have to stop a lot if your seat is uncomfortable. While a perfect seat saves your own body from discomfort, it also increases the durability of the engine inside the motorcycle.

Prime Types of Seats

If you are not satisfied with your uncomfortable seat, you may be wondering whether there are any options for you. However, the number of products offered on the market is so great that it can simply confuse you from the beginning. You have to pay attention to the most popular types:

  • Sheepskin pillow. This type of pillow is incredibly soft. It also helps to adjust the temperature of your body based on the weather outside. If you are cold, the sheepskin will easily make you warmer. And it also keeps your body cool during the summer period. This material can be easily washed and dried. Even if you get caught in the rain, don’t worry, just leave it in the garage. The material absorbs sweat. The air circulation over the sheepskin prevents it from getting damp. However, you have to consider that this pillow can be a little bit pricier than others.
  • Air pillow. This type is filled with air. It is extremely popular mainly because of the affordable price and lightweight. You may inflate it anytime you want to add the volume. It is up to you whether this pad will be high or low. Besides, this cushion spreads the pressure evenly, so you less likely feel numbness on the road.

  • Foam pillow. This pillow is comfortable during long travels. It has a shock-absorbing feature. You will find foam pillows from legendary companies, which offer high-quality products. Experienced riders say that memory foam of a high density is extremely comfortable during the ride. Some companies produce a mix of memory foam and gel. It is even better, as the gel has cooling features.
  • Massage pillow. You may be familiar with beaded seats for cars. There are similar versions for bikes. It is great for people who need a massage on a long road. There is great air ventilation of the seat, thanks to the pillow. Usually, they are universal and suit every bike.
  • Gel pillow. A seat that is made of gel is convenient and affordable. It distributes your body pressure evenly on the seat and does not let you feel pain. You may have seen gel cushions in wheelchairs, as the medical community discovered the benefits of this material a long time ago. The gel is cooler than foam and prevents your down parts from overheating and sweating.

The problem with an uncomfortable seat may cause you lots of trouble on the road. Choose it wisely, paying attention to your options. Enjoy your ride!