A Guide To Building Muscle

Once you get your doctor’s approval, you can begin working out and strength training in addition to a cardio program. You can start with two to three weight training sessions per week. We will now look at 5 tips that will help you to get great results. 

1. Hire a professional

By hiring a personal trainer, they will be able to create a custom program according to your particular needs and goals. So, you will be able to make greater gains without potentially getting muscle tears or strains. If you have an injury or a health issue that you’re recovering from, be sure ask your doctor for physical therapy. Even if you don’t have an injury or other problem, it is still a great idea to hire a professional that can help you through your workouts. There are many options at private gyms, senior centers, YMCA etc. 

2. Use bands as well as weights

If your intention is to build muscle, then you’ll likely use weight machines, dumbbells and barbells to do so. However, you can also use resistance bands which are essentially long rubber bands that are tube shaped or flat. They can be used in many different positions as opposed to actual weights which you can only use in particular positions. When you use both weights and bands, it will help to strengthen your muscles even more and speed up physical changes.  

3. Sleep more

After you work out your muscles, they will need 48 hours to recover. So, you shouldn’t strength train the same set of muscles the next day. You will also need to get enough sleep for your muscles to recover. Sleep actually helps to heal your muscles and tissues according to Wiater. Ideally, you should sleep between 7 to 8 hours every night and this will not only help repair your muscles but improve your energy. If you don’t get sufficient sleep, your muscles would actually break down as opposed to getting built.

4. Eat a healthy diet

The foods that you eat are very important since they are the building blocks of your body and muscles. You should eat protein high quality carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits etc. It is recommended that you talk to a dietitian who can assist you with crafting the best diet in order to give you energy and build muscle. Typically speaking, women should consume 46g of protein per day and men should have 56g of protein. Consider CBD infused protein powder to supplement your diet. Both men and women should consume around 130g of carbohydrates per day along with at least 4.5 cups of fresh vegetables and fruits. 

5. Day to day activity

Remember, building muscles doesn’t only need to happen in the gym or when you’re working out. You should definitely move as much as you can during your day. For example, you can lift the 5 gallon bottle of water in your kitchen a couple of times per day. Additionally, you should walk up the stairs as opposed to going on the elevator and even do calf raises while you’re on the phone. This will go a long way to strengthening your entire body throughout the day.