7 Unique and Wonderful Ways to Incorporate Greenery into Your Wedding

From the design of the ceremony to the tabletop at the reception, and all the other arrangements that go into weddings, the use of flowers has always been the tradition. 

They’ve always been used for bringing in color, an intimate vibe and a natural element to venues. But, we’re here to tell you that there are other ways to achieve that as well. 

The use of greenery, whether in impactful moments like installations or subtle moments like place settings and tabletops, can help to add a natural look to it without the use of bright colors. 

If you’re interested in doing something different and unique for your big day, then going green just might be your thing. Here are 7 unique ways to incorporate greenery for your wedding day: 

1. Think Outside the Box, Be Different

No doubt all of us have an affinity for using flowers in our designs, but thinking differently can be the perfect approach if you have a more minimalistic and simplified design structure in mind. 

If you have any previous experience of using foliage, you’ll notice that it isn’t always green, nor does it always take the same scale, texture or shape either. So, a smart move would be to use a framework that has an all-greenery design mapped out to make it more creative. 

Think about what your main elements are like with colors, shapes and textures. After you have that fixed, use the palette to make something that’s not only eye-catching but dramatic and colorful as well. 

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2. Subtle Art of Concealing and Revealing

Using greens to create visual volumes help distract your guests from looking at something you don’t want them to see. And when done right, greenery can make any arrangements shine, dance and help move your eye through the space.  

For instance, clusters of tropical foliage or ivy can be used to add dimension and depth to the venue’s ceiling. The greenery will hide any electric wiring and rigging you don’t want the guests to see. 

Or, you can build a whole wall that will surround the band playing at your wedding or the catering stations to hide all that is happening behind the scene. 

To make it more aesthetically pleasing for everyone, if you have a photo booth, then you can also use the greenery to cover, accent, as well as conceal any equipment there. 

3. Give Filler Foliage a Chance

It’s no secret that in the world of floral design, any sort of greenery gets a bad rep. They’ve been identified as mere fillers and used as a means to cut the cost of floral bouquets. But, once you look at the big picture you’ll see that foliage is as gorgeous and lavish as the universe of blooms. 

Dive into the palette that foliage naturally provides. Make use of the variety of vines and leaves to create dimension and texture in a tablescape. 

For instance, the use of climbing tendrils of vines and entwined foliage textures enclosed in a multileveled still-life of candles sitting on rectangular tables can look both bold and delicate.  

To be able to use the textures and turn them into something unexpected and magical can create a paradox that shows how exceptionally tailored as well as a little wild all at the same time your taste is. 

4. Bringing Aesthetic to the Overlooked Areas

Greeneries that last longer without water such as Southern Smilax and Camellia, can be used to enhance the overlooked areas of your space such as the bar or the circumference surrounding the dance floor. 

Not only does it help to create an aesthetic that feels overgrown, but will also create a manicured look. 

Similarly, if you’re looking to create a wow factor into your decor, then you can go for creating a canopy of greenery that’ll float over the place where the ceremony will take place. It’s both a celebration of two people coming together and a celebration of nature. 

Or, if your vibe is more on the coastal and less modern style, then try to cover a boat with fresh eucalyptus and fill it with beverages to create an impromptu drinking station for your guests. 

5. Say No to the Blooms!

Instead of going for the most traditional path of using fluffy blooms, consider using only greenery for your wedding decor. Not only blooms but greeneries can also help bring out drama and romance. 

Thanks to the various textures, tones and forms, it can help to create depth and dimension as well. Take, for example, a group of potted plants set in unique containers that can help frame the setting of the ceremony or the entrance. 

These unique potted plants can be made of begonias and ferns, then set as a centerpiece decor engulfed by votive or taper candles.  Tropical leaves can also be used. It will look exceptionally classy when combined with modern, clear vases.

6. Movement and Texture are Vital!

Moving on to our next segment, which discusses textures and movement, famous floral designer Gabriela Salazar of La Musa de las Flores states that greenery and foliage are more than just a means of concealing or creating a form of structure. 

She explains that they can be used as main elements to create shapes, movement and textures in an arrangement. So, if your taste coincides with something unexpected, fun and unique, then consider incorporating non-traditional leaves or greenery that has vegetables and fruits in them. 

Besides being unexpected and fun, it’ll certainly help to add some freshness to the arrangements. 

7. Make the Inside Look Like it’s Outside

Lastly, to finish our list, using natural elements inside to make it appear you’re in an outdoor landscape can be exciting, fun and unique! 

Of course, there is an art to it. Picture yourself sitting in a ballroom where the flowers and plants are arranged in a way that doesn’t look natural or feels intentional. It will put your guest’s mood off immediately, and they’ll want to leave your ceremony as soon as it’s over. 

The key is to create a theme for the perfect mood. For instance, vines and trees mixed in with lemons will transform your venue and make your guests feel like they’re at a citrus field in Italy. 

Similarly, a table trailed with vines, foliage and a chandelier cascading overhead will give your guests the vibe that they’re in an old, indoor English greenhouse. 

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, we’d like to say that there are so many ways you can create a theme and a mood by using greenery that once you get used to it, you may not be able to stop yourself from using greenery in every arrangement. 

There is a huge room for experimenting and playing around with greeneries. If you’re looking to make your big day stand out, give greeneries a chance instead of the same old boring traditional designs. 

Don’t forget to let us know if you have your ideas for incorporating greenery, and do tell us if you used any of the ways we’ve mentioned above. Happy wedding planning!