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Is Your Wardrobe Ready for the Rainy Season?

Unlike women, men usually have a comparatively smaller wardrobe, this is for the average man as they often tend to have a limited number of options to pick from. With the gloomy season approaching men out there have started looking for ways to up their style quotient this time so that they don’t get left out. 

It is not easy to dress right for the rainy season and no it is not just about having an umbrella or a raincoat, although the two are very good preventive measures from the rains ruining your day. You should have the right overwears in your wardrobes that you can pair with your attire like Rains jackets for men.

Why you need to have variety in your closet. 

It sometimes becomes difficult to choose from the limited options that men have in their wardrobe, this becomes more difficult during the rainy season as the limited number of overclothes in the wardrobe are either drying out or have just been worn the other day. This calls for having the right variety in your closet that can be paired with your daily attire and look good as well as be functional enough to not limit you in any way. 

What all should you have in your wardrobe?

Bomber jackets.

You get these in the waterproof option and is one of the best ways to protect yourself from hasty winds or a drizzle while maintaining your style statement. You can pair the bomber jacket with a t-shirt, sneaker and denim to get the perfect casual look, the classic ones make sure that you are right at the top of the game when it comes to being the cynosure for dressing up. 

  • One of the best looks that you can go for is a packable rain jacket or a poncho that provides you with the perfect coverage for your body or a shoreline jacket paired with baggies for the lower body a Henley t-shirt and a pair of waterproof boots. This look is one of the best that you can muster for a rainy day and will see you through the light to medium rainfalls.  

An umbrella or a raincoat.

This is a must if you are trying to prepare for the rainy seasons as having an umbrella or better yet a raincoat gives you the freedom to not having to wear piles of clothing to protect yourself. Simply wear whatever you feel confident and comfortable in and drape over a raincoat and stride away without worrying for even a single drop of water touching your clothing. While the same cannot be said for an umbrella, a classic umbrella ups your ante in the style game and make you stand out from the crowd. You better be wearing waterproof pant in case you decide to go with an umbrella as it can provide you protection from vertical rainfall but not so much if the wind starts blowing.