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The Art of Manliness: A Man’s Guide to Wearing Rings

Most guys do not have a lot of experience with the etiquette for wearing a ring. That’s not a problem. There are many ways that men can wear rings with confidence.

That said, we will go through the symbols and guidelines for wearing rings on specific fingers including what every man should know when wearing rings and their symbols.

Ring Purpose 

Men’s rings can be divided into several categories based on their meaning and purpose, including the cultural rings and religion. Also, some affiliation rings are meant to emphasize the wearer’s association with groups and elite clubs or dynasties. 

Rings passed on from one generation to another as family heirlooms are gestures of the owner’s family heritage.

Some style-oriented rings are usually crafted to match the owner’s aesthetic needs, taste, character, and budget range.

Ring size

Ring size is naturally a requirement that every prospect should consider first before buying a men’s ring, whether it’s a luxury ring or a daily ring. Picking out the ideal band is quite easy, just make sure that you choose a reputable jeweler to ensure the ring’s perfect fit. Therefore, to get the right size, you have to decide which finger you would like to have your personalized ring.

Material and Style

In today’s fashion, men tend to look for more sophisticated rings with a timeless design that can bring out a plethora of appeal and charisma. To make the selection process easier, start by identifying the design and features you appreciate the most. For example, some men prefer chunky, oversized rings over a subtly minimalist designed ring. 

Rings for Different Occasions

Old concepts may still be a great help in how you style your jewelry today. You can decide the kind of image you would want to project. If you are going for a job interview, stick with the plain ring that helps broadcast an image of a professional and hard worker, an impression that you can get the job done.

Or if you are out for a night in the town with your friends, you can go ahead and be trendy and fancy with your men’s ring stylish and bold fashion statement to add a sophisticated impression. You must know the types of rings available on the market to wear the right piece for any occasion.

Arts and Design Rings

Arts and design rings are the least common type of rings seen on the mean. Often, men choose these kinds of the ring for a unique touch in accessorizing.

These rings can be personalized and can look like anything you want. It lets you choose items that match your wardrobe perfectly or even with a specific outfit you have in mind. A guy can choose something relatively simple, maybe an edgy metal bank or circular etching or specific exotic shapes.

Left Hand vs. Right-Hand Rules

For wearing rings, you may decide which hand fits best with the symbolism of a particular ring. The right hand is generally viewed as the “active” hand or the “dominant” one that makes all the gestures or activities. There are no definite rules about which hand you should wear a ring on, except for the wedding ring. 

A Man’s Ring and its Symbols

Throughout history, men have been popular from the ancient Egyptians with weaving papyrus and then to the Irish ‘Claddagh Ring” rings as a symbol of love and friendship. 

The Pinky Finger

The pinky finger is often the first choice for a man who wants to send a message or a “statement” ring. Pinky rings do not have cultural or religious associations. People who are into astrological or palmistry associate the pinky finger with intelligence and persuasion. There are trendy pinky ring ideas when you click and choose from the variety of diamond rings perfect for accesorizing.

The Fourth Finger

The ring finger is most commonly associated with wedding symbolism. Also, the fourth or the ring finger is associated with romantic relationships.

The Middle Finger

The middle finger is the largest and boldest finger. Rings that are worn on the middle finger is imminent because it is adjacent to the index finger. It is best to keep small and simple rings to wear on the middle finger.

Index or Pointer Finger

Index fingers make a good place for family rings, class rings, or membership crests. You can wear rings on the index finger for anything that you want to be used frequently. 

The Thumb

A thumb ring is a sign of wealth and influence. A thumb ring must be comfortable on the thumb for daily use. A thumb ring is also the first choice for men who want to wear multiple rings on the same hand.


For every man, wearing a ring beside the wedding band is a statement. Not only do they bring elegance and a sense of power, but rings also help make a statement without having to speak. So if you want a refined look, start with one simple classic piece that matches your personality and outfit.