Choosing the Best Massager: Guide for Starters

Whether you are an elderly looking for a quality massager for seniors, an adult opting for a decent device to keep your health afloat, or a teenager struggling with stiff muscles after a running session, there is always a product that can help you with your problem. However, the abundance of body massaging machines on the market might seem overwhelming if you don’t know the important criteria that influence their quality. We’ve come up with a brief yet comprehensive guide on what every beginner should know to get something that will satisfy their needs.

The Benefits of Using Handheld Massagers

Before delving into the specifics of these handy devices, it is always a good idea to understand which pros you will get in the end. Massagers are well-known to provide your body with a number of advantageous effects without the necessity to get out of your home:

  • blood flow improvement;
  • stiff muscle relief;
  • blockage of nerve pain signals;
  • boosting muscle recovery;
  • aiding with post-exercise soreness;
  • prevention of muscle atrophy, which is loss of size and strength in muscles;
  • increasing of production of growth hormone in particular areas;
  • stimulating the formation of new blood vessels around injuries, etc.

Now that you are aware of the benefits a top-notch tool can give to your health, it’s time to find out how to choose one. Read the guide below and decide on the features that suit you the most.

Basic Steps of Choosing a Body Massager

A good body massager has to be trustworthy, multi-purpose, and affordable. If it were all the vital features of such devices, life would be much simpler. However, you have to know other characteristics as well to make the most of the bought tool. Here is what you should start with:

Learn the criteria to rely on

When choosing a body massager, you should stick to the list of factors that can be your guiding star in the sea of numerous devices on the market. Ask yourself important questions such as:

  • Does this tool deliver professional therapeutic massage?
  • Is it equally effective and easy to use on all parts of your body?
  • Is the build quality enough for the money spent?

When you understand which exact product you need, the chances to get something you will be happy with will increase. Concentrate on the features you need the most to get a suitable device.

Prioritize the effectiveness 

When it comes to “pro-level” massagers, there are the following types on the market:

  • percussion massagers;
  • vibration tools;
  • mass-market massagers.

The last category is considered the least effective as it is oriented toward the common users and does not solve any particular therapeutic problem. Therefore, we recommend opting for vibration or percussion massagers. The difference in these tools lies in the fact that the vibration type uses vibration to penetrate the body tissues, while a percussion massager uses mechanical vibration for effective physical penetration.

Give it a try if you can

Well-built massagers from trustworthy brands usually feel solid and look reliable. If the item is poorly constructed or equipped with cheap plastic parts and accessories, you’ve likely encountered a consumer machine. If you can, test the tool at the store. It should provide powerful, consistent vibration without the need to apply much effort. Otherwise, you risk buying an ineffective mass-market device that won’t run smoothly.

Consider the ease of use

When looking for a suitable massager, remember that the machine should allow you to effortlessly massage all parts of your body. The controls have to be easy to use too. The top-notch devices come with ergonomically designed handles that allow you to cover your entire body.

Opt for tools with a solid design

The massager you are looking for should be well-built, equipped with sturdy switches and controls to provide seamless operation. The motor has to strongly perform under load and not slow down.

Considerations for online purchase

It is always better to try the device first and then buy it. However, it is not always possible, and many customers prefer reading the descriptions of different items and buying one online. In this case, you should rely on a specialist recommendation such as a respected professional. It is always safer than browsing tons of praiseful reviews; no matter how tempting they might look, customer experience is often biased.

Your Body Deserves the Best

The benefits of body massagers are endless, and so is the variety of options on the modern market. Check out the specific characteristics of each tool you want to buy, think of the part of your body that craves massage the most, and consult with your doctor if you have any health limitations. Don’t forget that using a massager on injured or fragile body parts can exaggerate the problem. Follow the above guide and get a massager that will improve your health and well-being.