Core Wardrobe Pieces To Pack For A Winter Getaway

Winter holidays equal cold weather. Potentially snow, maybe some hail, hopefully not a blizzard. But certainly cold. If you don’t have the same endurance as Whim Hoff, you’ll surely want to pack a range of transeasonal men’s clothing options to ensure you keep warm during your winter getaway. 

What to pack for a holiday?

Packing for a holiday means bringing the essentials. Beyond your toothbrush and deodorant, we’ve got an entire list of must-haves, alongside a few extras you may have forgotten to add to your travel bag. From jackets and coats to beanies, scarves and everything worn in between, here is our list of things to pack for your holiday, winter edition. 

The Travel Bag

A men’s leather travel bag is the first thing on your packing list. Without it, you’d only have the clothes on your back, and that’s just not enough for where you’re going. Owning the right travel bag for men is like having Batman’s utility belt–you have everything you need and more.

With even more storage than your average travel backpack for men and with the same incredible materials found in the best leather messenger bags, travel bags are non-negotiable for any winter holiday.

That said, if you’re headed for a simple day trip or have a short staycation packing list, a backpack is probably the more convenient option. 

Toiletry/ Shave Bag

We’re not here to discuss what you put inside your toiletry bag. However, owning a classic shave bag – especially one made from 100% genuine leather – is a sophisticated way to organise your hygiene essentials. There’s nothing worse than unpacking your luggage only to discover you’ve forgotten something. Save yourself a trip to the corner store and pack everything into a shave bag that matches your travel schedule. 

Jackets & Coats

Core wardrobe essentials can vary from person to person, depending on your style or aesthetic, but one thing’s certain. If you’re going on a winter holiday, you’ll need a jacket or a winter coat to protect you from the elements and the dreaded winter chill.

Seek out men’s jackets, coats, blazers and outerwear options from brands that prioritise uncompromising quality and the finest materials like wool, cotton and European leathers. So much more than just a top layer to keep you warm. You want your jackets and coats to give your outfit style and confidence.

A quality winter jacket is a stylistic nod to your preparedness and fashion prowess. Whether rugged up in a trench coat, rocking a vest or strutting down the pavement wearing the sartorial elegance of a blazer, these are the core wardrobe pieces you need for your winter holiday.

Jeans, Pants or Trousers

Whatever you call them, you’re not going to be running around a winter wonderland in just your undergarments. For comfort and warmth, men’s track pants are a no-brainer. A brilliant option for relaxing between winter adventures, the old-school charm of track pants makes them a casual staple for cold weather.

For exploring your environment, denim jeans are a must. From slim-fitting jeans for more formal winter occasions to relaxed and straight-cut jeans for getting around, denim is the ideal material for all-day comfort and style.

Oh, and a premium men’s leather belt won’t go astray.


The MVP of winter wardrobe essentials is men’s knitwear. Connecting fibres between your chosen winter jacket, pants, and shirt are the easiest way to add a touch of warmth and sophistication to your transeasonal wardrobe. 

You can add lightweight knitwear to almost any outfit without the bulk, while more mid-weight and heavier styles like woollen sweaters or cashmere cardigans come in clutch for colder environments. Even hoodies are an excellent winter choice, giving you a more lax approach to warmth and comfort while maintaining your fashionable aesthetic. 

Scarfs and Beanies

Protect your neck and noggin during your winter getaway with a scarf and a beanie. It’s a simple addition to any travel bag. Plus, you can pack more than one since they occupy little space. 

From the traditional tartan scarf aesthetic to the classic check scarf patterns, there is a range of options for warming your neck in style. Simplify your outfit with monochromatic tones or add a touch of colour with brighter, more vibrant designs.

Beanies, especially those made from 100% extra fine Merino wool, are a warmth and comfort factory during the cooler months. And since one size fits most, you won’t need to hunt around the find the perfect fit. Find a colour, or a pattern you enjoy, pull that beanie on and get out there. Your winter holiday awaits!