Custom Decoration and Giveaway: Make Your Gym More Attractive to Clients

If you are a gym operator looking for a way to attract customers, then you should read this article, I am sure you will be inspired

  1. Decorate the gym

1.1 Why need to decorate the gym?

Many people don’t understand how good decor can make a difference in a gym. In addition to good fitness equipment and coaches, the decoration style of the gym is also one of the reasons for attracting customers to join. Too dark colors or too many colors can make clients feel depressed and long, and a gym that is too monotonous is unattractive. Only the right decoration of the gym can have unexpected results.

1.2 What should be paid attention to when decorating a gym?

The decoration style of the gym needs to be simple and atmospheric, but not too monotonous. Choose a lighter room background color, such as light green, or light gray with some creative decorative items.

1.3 What decorations suit the gym?

The best piece of decoration for the gym has to be the motivational custom die cut sticker from for the gym. You can customize the motivational and inspirational words on it so that customers can see these stickers every day while exercising to stimulate their interest in losing weight and improve their weight loss effect.

There are also some metal custom ornaments from that are essential and can be customized for various sports movements. You can hang them on windows for decoration or give them as metal bookmarks to clients as giveaways.

  1. Gym Giveaway

2.1 Why do you need gym giveaways to customers?

Giving freebies can maintain your relationship with your old clients, bring your clients closer to you, and when they bring them home, they advertise your gym and attract new clients.

2.2 What gym gifts are better for customers?

Giveaways are best made to order and look like a one-of-a-kind gift. You might consider using custom made pins or custom keychains from with your own club symbol or pattern on it, with your client’s name and his target weight on it. Customers will like it very much after receiving it and feel that you are very attentive.

  1. Host gym competitions

3.1 Why hold gym competitions?

The process of exercise is boring. If you can make this process very interesting and attractive, then fitness must be twice the result with half the effort. We can choose to hold a gym competition at the end of each year. The competition items can be gym exercises, such as weightlifting or running, and prepare prizes and bonuses for the winners. During the competition, or after the competition, you can take a photo with the winner of each session and put his records and photos in the exclusive corner of the gym, which will add a sense of history and story to your gym.

3.2 What do I need to prepare for a gym competition?

You need to plan the type of competition, the rules, the referees, and the final prize. You can choose custom medals as a unique prize for your gym to give to the winning player. is a subsidiary company of, they have a history of 20 years. Their products are relatively dominant in their respective industries, whether in terms of quality, product variety, technology, design, or price. Not only does it include shipping, but it also helps you design patterns for free. If you need to make your gym more attractive to your customers, you can consider this company.

Is there anything else you can do to make your gym more attractive to clients? Share it with me in the comments below.