Gifts for Kids That Don’t Involve a Screen

Technology has benefited society in many ways, and even for children, there are games, apps, and websites that are safe for them to use and can be utilized as learning tools. However, while there are perks to kids using this tech, there has also been evidence to suggest that too much screen time can have a negative effect.

As a parent, you might be used to your children asking for computer games, phones, tablets, etc., for gifts on their birthdays, but if you want to get them something different that helps get them away from screens, here are some ideas you might be interested in.

A Memory Blanket

A blanket might sound like it’s a gift for babies and toddlers, and while this is true, a memory blanket can be given to anyone at any age. Companies like turn old t-shirts into beautiful quilts that could have a lot of sentimental value. It’s a very personal gift idea that will be cherished for years to come, whether it’s one the represents their favorite sports teams, movies, books, or whatever they’re into.


While books might not be for everybody, it’s important to encourage your kids to read more. There are plenty of books suitable for young children and teenagers telling a wide range of stories, so there will be something they like out there. Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, buy them a selection of books on topics you know they are already interested in to try and get them to read something that isn’t on a website.


Puzzles are a good way to exercise the brain and are great for enjoying some quiet time. You could even sit down with your kids to help them put the pieces together, and it could become a new tradition for you to do as a family. It’ll keep them entertained and away from the TV and computer, even if it’s just for half an hour. Boardgames are another gift idea if you think puzzles won’t be suited to your kid’s tastes.

Arts and Crafts Kits

Arts and crafts activities often have a calming effect on people, which is why it’s often suggested to help ease symptoms of depression and anxiety. This is one of the reasons it could be a sensible idea to get your kid into something like this, as it could be a good way for them to relax when they’re feeling stressed and help boost their mood. It’s also an opportunity for them to learn a new skill and maybe to discover hidden talents.

A Bike

A bike is a classic gift for kids and it’s a great way to encourage them to get outside in the fresh air doing some exercise. Whether they’re riding it around with friends, or going on family bike rides together, it’s a good investment that they can enjoy again and again. A skateboard or something similar could be a good idea as well.
If you want to give your kids a gift that helps them break away from screens for a little while, choose one or two of the items on the list above that you think they’ll like the most.