Hanfu Makes a Comeback in Modern Fashion

The traditional Chinese hanfu, which was the national attire from around three thousand years ago, is resurfacing as part of modern-day fashion without losing its traditional or cultural identity. It is used by the new generation as a form of homage to their Chinese roots and to flaunt their Chinese culture. The Hanfu is characterized by a long robe with long sleeves, but through the years and dynasties, the style and designs changed while still retaining some of the elements. There were also changes due to the influence of other countries. Some dynasties did their best to go back to the traditional or original design or style.

Despite being heavily influenced by other cultures such as Western and Mongolian, Hanfu fashion inspired several Asian national attires. Some examples are hanbok from Korea and kimono from Japan. When you look at these outfits, they remind you of the Chinese Hanfu.

The antipathy between the Han and Qing dynasties is the reason why the Hanfu’s popularity declined. As the years pass, the clothing of Chinese people is slowly deviating from its traditional heritage. The good news is that the new generation is trying to retrieve or recover their ancestral culture through fashion. Because Hanfu clothing symbolizes Chinese heritage, they are making it popular again, although with some modern twists.

Every empire that has passed has brought several variations to the Hanfu. In the Ming empire, the Hanfu became a mix of flamboyance, chic, and elegance. The material is satin or silk, and the tapestry is thorough and superb. The Tang variation is full of life and color.

Hanfu was not your ordinary clothing article in the past. It was only used for special occasions. They were set aside for major events and gatherings. Today’s generation wants to incorporate Hanfu into their routine apparel. As much as possible, they want to showcase their Chinese roots, not just at special events. They also want to promote Hanfu-influenced modern clothing abroad. Of course, they also want to endorse the traditional Hanfu because they can still be worn for many purposes, like plays, costume parties, themed events, and many more. The complete Hanfu garment, with its original tapestry, elaborate styles, and beautiful adornments, is still in demand. They are for rent or sale in physical stores. Sales and rents are still growing due to the ever-increasing demand. Moreover, stores sell them at affordable rates without compromising the quality.

Since online shopping is the present trend, Hanfu is available on virtual shopping platforms and is even offered at lesser rates. The advantage of selling Hanfu online is that it makes it available overseas and increases its international demand. Buying online is faster and cheaper, although purchasing from physical stores is advantageous if you want to look at the actual product and quality, and the clothing can be easily returned or replaced. Hanfu for both men and women is available in physical and virtual stores with a wide array of sizes, patterns, and color blends. For virtual stores, those who register for membership have benefits such as discounts.

In an article from Bazaar, the resurfacing of Hanfu opened the doors for re-embracing Chinese heritage in modern times. Wearing it shows love and appreciation for the Chinese identity. Donning Hanfu stopped because it was previously prohibited to wear anything that expressed identity because of the revolution. Now, wearing the Hanfu denotes freedom of expression and a sense of self-determination.

The resurfacing of Hanfu started around two decades ago, but social media skyrocketed its demands. Fashion influencers also contributed to their popularity through their promotions by wearing them. Chinese appreciated the gesture and found it helpful in promoting the Chinese way of life. In the past few years, the style and taste in China have been heavily influenced by Western styles. Thankfully, the promotion of Hanfu became a game changer and caused the younger generation to embrace their heritage through Hanfu. Many years ago, there were attempts to revive the Hanfu by creating events where clothing was donned by people. These attempts were successful since stores for Hanfu started operating and there was a growth in interest in Hanfu. Social media influencers wearing Hanfu were the driving force behind Hanfu’s modern-day popularity. The internet is the most powerful tool in marketing and selling products nowadays and it has been very helpful in marketing the Hanfu to the local and international market.

Social media users promote Hanfu by increasing engagements with potential customers and promoting the virtual presence of the apparel. This strategy became effective. The great thing about Hanfu is that it remains a classic. It is not just for the dynastic era but also the modern trend. Nowadays, people clamor to revisit and strengthen their identities, and the Hanfu does that for the Chinese people.