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How to Avoid Counterfeit Prada 2005 Re-Edition?

The Italian fashion house Prada, established in Milan in the 1913, specialises in leather accessories and ready-to-wear perfumes and other fashion pieces. It has recently regained its well-deserved attention through re-launching its demanded 2000s models. This has resulted in significant growth in demand for both – the authentic items and the cheaper alternatives. This article will give you a quick overview on how to legit check a Prada bag.

1. Verify the Stitching

This would be the first step of any designer authentication process, as not every replica-manufacturer gets this point correct. The stitching must be consistent throughout the bag, with even spacing around it. The counterfeit bags tend to have the stitching placed too far away from the zipper as well.

2. Inspect the Hardware

There must be a Prada logo on most of the hardware details. The logo is a very important detail that must be inspected right away, as the font always differs in the fake Prada bags. An authorised bag’s hardware would also be shiny enough, and would keep its ‘fresh’ look longer compared to a fake one. Moreover, in the process of Prada 2005 Re-Edition bag authentication remember that some of the small pouches do not have a logo on the hook.

3. Check the Materials

Another important aspect to be considered in a Prada Bag authentication would be the material verification. An authentic nylon bag would have the material feel and look very smooth. It is crucial, as this tip can also be used in the virtual authentication – when you verify the photos before purchasing. Most of the replica 2005 Re-Edition bags, the small pouch does not look smooth enough, which is a huge giveaway.

In case these tips were not helpful enough, you can always get legit check experts’ opinions via the link: