How To Take Care Of Your Custom Print T-shirt

T-shirts are an inevitable part of almost everyone’s wardrobe. They’re universal, easy to obtain, and they can be freely personalized or customized. T-shirts have almost become a symbol of the casual style, but nowadays, they are also worn with many other outfits and combinations.

When you buy your dream custom print T-shirt, it is good to know how to take care of it, though. If you do it properly, your T-shirt will last really long, and you won’t need to replace it with a new one every season.

If you’re keen on t-shirt design, below you’ll find some tips on how to take care of your custom print T-shirt to keep it neat and new for longer.

Forget about washing machines!

How many times have you washed your T-shirt in a washing machine with some other random clothes? Probably a lot. And that could be the reason why the T-shirt shrank, lost its color, or  – in the worst scenario – dyed other clothes accidentally.

The simplest way to prevent such situations is not to wash T-shirts in the washing machine. Try to wash it by hand instead. It’s not that fast and convenient, but it will surely contribute to the quality of your clothes.

What’s more, try to refrain from using strong, chemical detergents which have a negative impact on the quality of the material. Just use soap or sensitive washing powder instead.

To read more about how to wash T-shirts properly, click here.

Don’t iron!

We all know that ironing is necessary if we want to have neat, elegant outfits. Without it, clothes often look scruffy and dirty. However, it seems that ironing, especially with a very hot iron, is not a good option for T-shirts.

Oftentimes, T-shirts have prints that can simply melt under the high temperature of the iron. Therefore, if you really need to iron this piece of clothing, just try to use the lowest iron temperature possible, and turn your T-shirt upside down before ironing. It will keep the print safe.

Dry it properly

Proper clothes drying is just as important as washing them. Why? Even if the clothes are washed properly, but not dried correctly, there is still a risk of shrinkage and other deformations.

How should you dry the T-shirts, then? A good way of doing it is simply hanging them out on a good old washing line. If you’re hanging them outside, though, remember to avoid or limit the direct contact with sunlight, because it is dangerous for the colors.

Another option is to use a tumble dryer, which is convenient, especially if you have a large number of clothes to dry. However, it is neither ecologically friendly nor good for the clothes. If you don’t have to do it, simply go for traditional drying.

Think about storing

People don’t tend to pay much attention to clothes storing – they just put or hang them in the wardrobe without realizing that storage conditions also influence the quality of the items.

As far as T-shirts are concerned, it’s good to store them in clean, dry and dark spaces, without too much humidity or sunlight, because it can impact the prints badly.

To make the storing more convenient, you can put similar clothes together, or sort them, for example, by colors to make them easier to find and match various outfits. To read more about storing tricks and tips, click here.

Additional tips on prints

Prints are the most demanding part of every T-shirt, as they tend to fade or get disfigured easily. Especially if you have a T-shirt with an embroidery print, it’s good to take care of it, so that the print doesn’t shrink or lose its color.

If you have some screen printed garments, it’s best to put them inside out before washing. This will protect the material and the print. What’s more, avoid washing these T-shirts in hot water, as high temperatures can also affect its quality.

Pay Attention To Quality

Good quality of a T-shirt is the key factor to maintaining it in good condition. While choosing a piece of clothing, simply buy those made of cotton, not artificial materials like polyester or acrylic.

Remember that sometimes it is better to pay a little more and invest in a long-term wardrobe than to buy numerous items every month or season. If you’re interested in the topic of building a sustainable, long-lasting wardrobe, click here.


Taking care of T-shirts doesn’t have to be challenging if you follow some basic guidelines and keep within the rules. It’s enough to take care of proper washing, drying, and ironing, as well as remember to choose high-quality products in advance. 

Printed T-shirts can be an excellent element of every casual wardrobe, and an original part of the outfit, if you only make some effort to take good care of them.