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How To Find The Best Matching Chairs For Your Dining Table

A dining room table is often bought with the chairs as a set, and over time the chairs can take a battering as they are sat on, moved about, and can also break. As such, you often find that the table outlasts the chairs, so there may come a time when you need to find replacements chairs for your table. If this sounds familiar and is something that you need to do, follow the advice below and you will find that you can easily replace the chairs for your dining room table, and they do not even have to match 100%.

Choose Your Style Of Chairs

Chairs that are suitable for the dining room come in a wide array of different styles, so you may need to research them before you go shopping. Some of the different styles that are available are as follows;

  • Chippendale
  • Queen Anne
  • Louis XV
  • Sheraton
  • Georgian
  • Hepplewhite

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The Type Of Wood

You may also wish to have a particular type of wood for your chairs so that they match your dining room table, although you may have to be flexible on this aspect. Wooden furniture comes in many different types, so there should be some options open to you, no matter what kind of wood you prefer.

Keep In Mind The Quality

You will want to try and get as high a quality antique chairs as you can, which will also mean that they are in excellent condition. However, you can also decide to purchase chairs that have plenty of wear and tear and have them restored to their former glory. If this is something that you are considering, then you will also need to factor in the price of restoration before making your purchase. You can speak to any prospective dealer about the chairs that they have available, and you may also be able to receive a quote at the same time for restoration if this is something that they offer.

Make Sure That You Shop Around

To try and ensure that you not only get the perfect match for your dining room table but also get a good deal, you must shop around and do some legwork to get the best deal possible. The internet is an excellent tool to enable you to shop around without leaving your home, and you can browse dealers from across the country, as well as throughout Europe. Another essential aspect to keep in mind is that when it comes to buying antiques, do not forget to haggle and see if you can push the price down. You can often get a discount when buying antiques, especially if you are purchasing multiple items, and if the dealer does not move on the price, do not be afraid to look elsewhere.