How to Get the Bond Look

As the saying goes, every man wants to be James Bond and every woman wants to be with him. So, if you’re looking to channel his style then it’s no great surprise! The guy is a style icon and deserves to be recognised as such. Success is the sincerest form of flattery so it goes without saying that Ian Fleming would be delighted that the spy he conjured up in his imagination back before the 1952 Casino Royale book, is still influencing us today. Whether you want his cocky confidence, his self assured swagger, or just a good imitation of what’s in his wardrobe, we’ve got you covered.

Get Into Character

Bond was known for his penchant for casino games, so if you’re going to emulate him successfully then this can be a good way to get into character. If you’re not sure whether you’re a poker or roulette kind of guy then try a few different options online before settling on your game of choice. For those who like a more hands-on way of life, Bond was known for his love of sports. Skiing and golfing were ones that he was particularly fond of, so you could try hitting the slopes, or the course instead. Once you’ve got inside the mind of Bond and are understanding his loves on a deeper level, you’ll find it easier to channel his trademark confidence as you show off your new look.

Suited and Booted

If you’re feeling brave then go for the iconic tuxedo

Bond was a master of both smart and casual, but he’s arguably best known for rocking a great suit. The first rule to suit buying is that it absolutely has to fit. You can have the most expensive suit in the world, but if it doesn’t fit you properly, it really will look a mess. Not everybody has the budget for a tailored suit and that is absolutely fine, with a tailored suit you’ll get a fit like a glove, but with off the shelf suits, you can still get a really good fit for a fraction of the price. That is if you know how to measure yourself properly.

Once you’ve got your measurements, you can start looking through the ready to wear options. Bond has worn every style of suit from the iconic tuxedo of Casino Royale, to the tan linen summer suit from Spectre. Skyfall saw Bond model a selection of slimmer fitting suits, which is more in line with the style we expect today. Have a flick through some of his best moments and see which style would suit you. Generally speaking, more structured suits, with a straight or slim leg trouser will suit a heavier frame, the structured shoulders accentuating this as the widest part of your body and the trousers slimming the leg, without clinging to it. Lighter framed men can pull off the slim-fitting suits of the more recent films, as long as those trousers don’t become skinny fit. Generally speaking, try on a few different styles and see what you feel comfortable in, confidence is key.

Casual and Classy

Though Bond loved a suit, he rocked some iconic casual looks as well. The dark polo and light chinos combination made an appearance in both Skyfall and Thunderball, showing just how well this look has stood the test of time. You can’t go too far wrong with this one. A polo shirt that fits well, in a smart dark colour, such as navy, maroon, racing green, or classic black, paired with chinos in a tan, beige, or if you’re sure you won’t spill that martini on yourself, white.

Play around with colour combinations until you’ve found one that works together and looks good against your complexion. If you’re feeling casual but it’s a little cooler outside then pea coats and bomber jackets are other Bond wardrobe staples. Bomber jackets are fashionable slightly oversized at the moment, but be careful not to go too large. This look can be effortlessly cool when combined with slim-fitting jeans and boots, but can quickly look like a pastiche if the jacket is too big and the jeans too skinny.