The Ultimate Trend-check! Is Your Closet Updated?

Fashion trends have been redefined since most of humanity was forced to remain in their homes. No glam-fam parties, no meet-ups, and no dress code get-togethers. We resorted to comfy and casual looks. Although it may seem as if there is no point in updating your closet during quarantine, this is exactly the time to catch up on the latest trends. With many countries returning to normal, it is now time to have the ultimate trend-check and get your fashionista vibe back. Take a look at the following closet updates that you absolutely cannot avoid this season. 

1. Loose-fit denim shorts or jeans

Denim shorts and go-to skinny jeans will remain in our hearts (and wardrobes) forever. We cannot imagine rocking a casual chic look without throwing in a bit of denim. However, since the last and current year have all been about pulling off a comfortable look, loose-fit denim has taken over the fashion world this season meaning more mom jeans, loose shorts, high-waist boot-cut, flares, and boyfriend jeans. You can pair your denim with tucked-in elegant blouses, knitted sweaters, fitted tees, and a tailored blazer. Add some fun detail with cross-front waists and straight-leg cuts for a perkier look.

2. Solid/printed tees and multipurpose sneakers

We might not be stepping back into heels or designer blouses anytime soon since most of us work from home. This means that we are keeping it simple with chic sneakers and solid/printed tees as our go-to look. If you’re a “match it up” sort of person, but don’t want to step out and shop, look for some sneaker match tees options online to add more ‘cool’ to your wardrobe. 

Coming back to trends, plain slim white and solid tees are a must-have in your closet since you can come up with diverse looks and work with them in several ways. You can pair a tee with high-waist comfy jeans, chic white sneakers, and a pair of sunglasses, and you are good to go for any casual meet-up or even a professional meeting that doesn’t require “dressing-up.”

3. Simple bralettes

The 2021 way of rocking a bra look is to wear bralettes under jackets and cardigans. Our social media feed is flooded with posts from top celebrities, sharing their “bralettes” looks with soft hues and loose cardigans. For multiple looks, you can keep a few simple bralettes such as beige or black that can go with almost any type of blazer or upper. Since mismatching is also trending in the fashion world, you don’t have to worry about matching your bralettes with your outerwear. 

4. Textured handbags

If there’s one fashion accessory that’s a must-have to complete your look, it’s a handbag. We’ve tried everything from cross-shoulder bags to clutches in the past, but what your accessory collection needs this season are textured handbags. The most in-season designs include intricately woven complex designs on tote bags, handbags, and leather clutches, giving off boho-chic vibes when you pair them with maxi dresses and leather jackets. Some of these bags are quilted or puffy and come across the body like puffed sleeves. Apart from textured bags, bold prints and monochrome leather bags are in style as well.

5. Bright hues and printed pants

Speaking of prints, unique printed pants with bright hues and rainbow patterns are the ‘new cool’ this season. This year is all about giving off an optimistic and confident vibe with our attire since the past year hasn’t been very nice to us. Therefore, it’s time to fill the streets with a pop of color, flaunting punchy florals, rainbow and zebra stripes, cheetah, and snake print trousers/jeans.

6. Maxi and midriff sets

The comfy wear that we are all loving due to the lockdown is also making its way to the fashion trends when we go back to being normal. This means that maxi and midi dresses are jumping back on the trend train to exude more positivity.  Let’s admit it, mini dresses with a peek of skin here and there are sometimes way more comfortable than tight denim shorts and crop tops where most people can buy boho shirts online. Maxi skirts with coordinating tops are also trending this fall season, while many ladies are in love with the full-length “blanket dress” with slippers for running errands.

7. Over-sized puff sleeves

So far, much of this year’s style has been about oversized clothing, as many celebrities and influencers showcase how they love combining comfort with fashion. Puffy shoulders and sleeves are another over-sized clothing trend that brings the glam back, albeit subtly, with the ability to make even a dull pair of leggings look exciting and chic. Puffy sleeves offer a fresh look that you can complete with a silk scarf around your neck and knee-high boots. These voluminous sleeves will look ravishing if you pair them with sleeveless knitwear or a tank sweater.  


Fashion trends never stick around for long. They change pretty frequently, depending on several factors and since many of us can’t purchase an entire season’s wardrobe, we can make do with a few updates. This year’s fashion statement is all about being confident, positive and comfortable. That is why many comfy trends such as oversized shirts and pants, puffy sleeves, long boots, maxi dresses, and knitted loose sweaters have made their way into the trend list. Remember the 3 Cs this year; Cool, Causal, and Colorful, and you’re all set to rock this year’s soirees.