How to play Blackjack

Blackjack is a fast and straightforward card game standard in casinos around the world. The goal of players is to score up to 21 points and beat the dealer. The game is popular because of the many strategies that have been developed for it. Thanks to them, it is possible to win most games. If you want to try it, you can find several blackjack types at yoju casino Australia.

How to Play Blackjack

All cards in blackjack have a value:

  • From a deuce to a ten, the same as what is drawn on the card;
  • Jack, queen, king (the so-called “pictures”) – ten points each;
  • Ace — one or 11 points, depending on the hand.

Blackjack is a combination of an ace and a picture. Pure blackjack is the one you get on your first hand.


Participants first place their bets. Then the dealer hands everyone two cards. The player looks at what he has in his hand, then decides whether to take additional ones to collect up to 21 points. Finally, the dealer has one card open, and the other is face down.

The main thing here is that the player’s hand should be more significant than the dealer’s and not exceed 21 points. Then the player gets a prize. If he has more than 21 points or less than the dealer, then he loses. The player’s bet goes to the casino. If it turns out to be a tie, the parties remain with their bets.

After the first hand, the player can choose one of the actions:

  • Take one or more cards, getting the necessary amount;
  • To stop and not draw any cards.

Other decisions are possible in some cases. These rules vary depending on the gambling site or producer of the game.

The first is to double the bet and get another card. It is acceptable if there are 10 or 11 points in hand.

Insurance – if the dealer already has an ace open. Then the player makes an additional bet (usually, it is half of the initial). If the dealer has Blackjack, the main bet goes to him, but the insurance bet remains. The idea is that the payout with insurance is 2 to 1. The payout without insurance is 3 to 2.

Split is the division of a hand into two hands. This solution is available if there are two identical cards. In this case, another bet equal to the initial bet is made. If both hands win, the user gets a double prize. Otherwise, he loses both bets.

Surrender — it is possible to surrender if the dealer has an open ace. In this case, if the player takes another card, he will be outbid. Then the player surrenders and pays the dealer half of the bet.