Using Exam Dumps for Cisco 350-401: Your First Step Before Moving to CCNP Enterprise Concentration Tests

Cisco CCNP is one of the leading and globally recognized certification paths in the IT field. CCNP Enterprise is among the new certificates offered by Cisco. It validates your professional skills and prepares you for the job roles in the domain of networking technologies. By taking the prerequisite exams, you can also earn other advanced badges, which highlight your accomplishment as you pursue your certification track. To obtain , the candidates are required to pass two tests: core and concentration. Let’s look at the brief details of each of them and pay more attention to the first exam because you will have to start by taking it before you can choose your specialization.

Cisco 350-401 ENCOR Exam

The Cisco 350-401 test is designed to evaluate one’s knowledge and skills related to the implementation of core enterprise network technologies. The areas covered within the exam content include virtualization, automation, dual-stack (IPv4 and IPv6) architecture, network assurance, infrastructure, and security. If you pass this test with flying colors, you can also get the Cisco Certified Specialist – Enterprise Core certificate. It is also a qualifying exam for the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure and Exam-Labs Premium File credentials.

The 350-401 ENCOR exam is available in English and Japanese, and the time allotted for its completion is 120 minutes. The number of questions to be expected from the delivery of this test can be around 100. They will be of different types that can include drag and drop, multiple choice, and other formats. If you are ready to apply for the exam and choose the day when you want to take it, you need to visit the Pearson VUE platform and pay $400. But first of all, you should prepare wisely and use the best study materials that will help you master the topics of Cisco 200-901 Premium . Go for some guides, video tutorials, training courses, practice tests, and exam dumps.

Six Cisco Concentration Exams

There are six concentration tests that the students will have to choose from. You can go for any of them in addition to the core exam to fulfill the requirements for earning the CCNP Enterprise certification. These are highlighted below:

  • Cisco 300-410 ENARSI

This exam evaluates one’s skills in implementing and troubleshooting advanced routing services and technologies. It covers different topics, such as VPN services, infrastructure services, Layer 3, infrastructure security, and infrastructure automation.

Cisco 300-420 ENSLD Premium File is a 90-minute test that is available in English and Japanese. After passing it, you will also get the Cisco Certified Specialist – Enterprise Advanced Infrastructure Implementation certification.

  • Cisco 300-415 ENSDWI

This exam assesses the candidates’ knowledge of SD-WAN solutions. It comes with the following objectives: multicast, policies, security, SD-WAN architecture, controller deployment, quality of service, edge router deployment, and management & operations.

Cisco 300-415 lasts 90 minutes and is available in English and Japanese. Apart from the CCNP Enterprise credential, it is also a qualifying exam for the Cisco Certified Specialist – Enterprise SD-WAN Implementation certificate.

  • Cisco 300-420 ENSLD

This exam evaluates your knowledge of enterprise design. It measures your skills in a range of various domains, including advanced routing & addressing solutions and enterprise campus networks, security services, WAN, network services, as well as SDA.

Premium File from Exam-Labs gives you 90 minutes to complete about 60 questions that can be taken in English or Japanese, depending on your preferences. When you pass this test, you can also obtain the Cisco Certified Specialist – Enterprise Design certification.

  • Cisco 300-425 ENWLSD

This exam measures the learners’ skills in wireless network design. It focuses on the topic areas, such as site surveys, mobility, wireless and wired infrastructure, and WLAN high availability.

Cisco 300-420 is a 90-minute test that is available in two languages: English and Japanese. It is also a prerequisite exam for the Cisco Certified Specialist – Enterprise Wireless Design credential.

  • Cisco 300-430 ENWLSI

This exam evaluates your level of expertise in wireless network implementation. It covers different domains, including QoS, FlexConnect, multicast, monitory, device hardening, advanced location services, and security for client connectivity.

Cisco CCNA contains about 60 questions, lasts 90 minutes, and is available in English and Japanese. After passing this test, you will also get the Cisco Certified Specialist – Enterprise Wireless Implementation certificate.

  • Cisco 300-435 ENAUTO

This exam measures the applicants’ skills in implementing enterprise automated solutions. Its main subjects are Python programming, programming concepts, controllers, automation tools, and APIs.

Cisco 300-435 is a 90-minute test that can be taken in English and Japanese. In addition to CCNP Enterprise, it leads to the award of the Cisco Certified DevNet Professional and Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist – Enterprise Automation and Programmability certifications.


The CCNP Enterprise credential offers you the real-world role-based skills in core areas. The certification validates the knowledge and skills you need to perform in your job role. The professionals that will greatly benefit from this certificate are enterprise network engineers, system engineers, system administrators, and network administrators. It is important to note that this credential is valid for three years. You are required to recertify before the end of its validity period.