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Rattan In The Interior: Stylish Ideas For Your Apartment And House

Rattan furniture is always made with soul, almost completely by hand, which makes it a great value. More recently, it was not available to most people due to its high cost.

Currently, it is quite popular due to its lightness, resistance to moisture and ease of use. It is eco-friendly and consists exclusively of natural materials, which allows it to be used for a surprisingly long time. Moreover, rattan goes well with glass, leather, wood, metal and various fabrics. Such furniture is perfect for various styles of interior and exterior, diluting the severity of a city apartment with cozy patterns. How to use it stylishly, read below.


Rattan furniture is suitable not only for the garden, but also for the home. A rattan sofa will fit perfectly into a modern city apartment and will look good in the hallway, living room or kitchen. Decorate the sofa with soft cushions to create a comfortable and cozy place to relax.

Rattan will be a great addition as a balcony furniture. Order a sofa from balcony furniture dubai and you will see how perfectly it will fit into the interior of relaxation and tranquility. A rattan sofa or other outdoor furniture will endure the scorching sun and moisture and become a real paradise.


Wicker baskets and boxes are an easy way to make your home feel warm and cozy. Moreover, they help keep things organized. You can store towels, scarves, hats, books, magazines, children’s toys in rattan baskets – in general, everything that comes to your mind.


A beautiful and comfortable wicker chair can also look organically in the interior of any style – from strictly minimalism to boho-chic. Another advantage of rattan furniture is the versatility of use: such an armchair can “live” on the terrace or balcony in summer, and migrate to the living room in winter.


A rattan screen is a great solution for small spaces. Unlike stationary partitions, the screen, if necessary, can be folded or completely removed. Moreover, rattan is a fairly thin material: it allows the sun’s rays to pass through, creating pleasant diffused lighting.


A rattan headboard is suitable for those who are tired of the traditional options of velvet, cotton and linen and want to give the bedroom interior a unique character. At the same time, a rattan headboard can differ both in complex weaving and unusual shape, which brings a note of bohemian chic to the interior, and in a strict, laconic design.

How to care for rattan furniture?

  • take care of the lacquer coating: don’t scratch, put something too hot, or spill aggressive household chemicals;
  • from time to time wipe the furniture with a damp cloth to prevent drying and cracking of the varnish;
  • dusty products are allowed to be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner;
  • once a year, it is recommended to wash the furniture with soapy water, and then dry it well;
  • if the furniture has already lost its original attractive appearance, then the varnish and stains can be cleaned with sandpaper, and then covered with a colorless varnish and rubbed with furniture wax.

We used to see wicker furniture in country interiors, on the open terraces of cafes and restaurants, as well as on the balconies of apartments. However, in recent years, wicker furniture made of artificial rattan can be increasingly found in urban interiors.

Traditionally, wicker rattan furniture in the apartment was used by designers to create colonial, rustic and eco-friendly styles. If you are adherents of one of these areas in interior design, then wicker furniture is an ideal option for you! With its help, you can completely decorate the apartment: from the hallway and bathroom to the living room, bedroom and kitchen. However, such furniture will come in handy when creating other interior styles! Wicker furniture will add lightness to austere classic living rooms or complete a Scandinavian interior. Laconic furniture of regular geometric shapes diversifies minimalist interiors, and modern design elements will add zest to high-tech living rooms and bedrooms. Well, with the help of bright and colorful wicker furniture, you can create an interesting eclectic interior.