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Top 6 Coolest Haircuts for Men

This list includes some of the hippest haircuts for men. The styles featured in this list range from the Ivy League to the Crew cut. You can also find out about the Burst fade and the Slick back. These styles are aimed at giving you a cool look without making you look like an underdog. Ready to rock one of these styles yourself? Book your appointment with Who’s Next Barber Shop and experience the best Scottsdale barber in town.

Ivy League Haircut

The Ivy League haircut for men is a classic style that looks great on any man. It can work with any hair type, including thick and coarse hair. It features short sides and a longer top. It can be styled with pomade or gel to achieve the perfect look. Here are some pictures and tips to help you achieve the perfect Ivy League haircut.

An Ivy League haircut for men looks very sharp and sophisticated. This hairstyle is often worn by professional athletes, celebrities, and actors. It’s perfect for any man regardless of his face shape, and it can be worn for any occasion. The short sides and swept back hair add interest to this haircut. The hairstyle also has a slight fade to the sideburns, which makes it look more masculine and classier.

The Ivy League haircut for men is also suitable for office workers. The disconnected undercut is a perfect choice for the office environment, and the quiff at the top adds to the sexy factor. The Ivy League hairstyle also gives you a clean look that doesn’t take much time to maintain.

An Ivy League haircut for men keeps curly hair close to the head, minimizing the risk of hair falling out. It is also easy to maintain and looks great as the hair grows out. It also gives you plenty of room for additional volume and height – ideal for black men who like natural movement.

Crew Cut

If you’re looking for a haircut that doesn’t require too much maintenance, consider the crew cut. This style has all the characteristics of the traditional crew cut but has more flamboyance and style. It’s a great hairstyle for everyday use or for a hangout day with the gang.

The crew cut is very versatile and is easy to style. For those with unruly hair, it’s best to keep the length short to keep the styling time to a minimum. It’s recommended to use a leave-in conditioner and a simple styling cream to keep the hair in its best condition.

This cut is suitable for men of all ages. The crew cut also looks great on men with grey hair and is a perfect option for guys who want to look polished and sophisticated. For best results, however, the hairstyle should have some texture and be casual in style. A silver crew cut with some texture will look fresh and uncluttered, while a silver crew cut that’s too neat will look stuffy.

There are two types of crew cuts: the low fade crew cut and the taper fade. Low fade crew cuts will have your hair cut at an extremely fast rate, while a taper fade will take longer. The low fade crew cut will make your hair shorter quickly while a taper fade will take longer but will end up being the same length at the ears.

Burst Fade

One of the most stylish and trendy hairstyles for men is the burst fade. This hairstyle involves a tapering of the hair line around the back and ear, leaving a longer length in the neck and sides. It can be styled with different hair lengths and works best on thicker hair types. Moreover, this cool hairstyle is low-maintenance and can be used to complement various kinds of facial features.

This trendy hairstyle is also versatile and can be used to make your beard look even cooler. You can incorporate cool hair designs like symbols and writings to make your ‘do stand out. Alternatively, you can also opt for a long, thick mohawk with highlights. A low burst taper fade that blends with your sideburns and beard is also another cool way to wear the burst fade.

Burst fades can be styled with any hair type, but they work best with wavy hair, as it highlights the natural wave and makes it much easier to style. A burst fade is also flexible and works well with different hair lengths and haircuts.

A burst fade looks great with a high-volume pompadour, as it is a variation of the classic Mohawk. It also looks great on men with short hair. It has a high volume and can give a cool look for both white and black men. Aside from being stylish and low maintenance, the burst fade is a timeless classic and a great option for those who are looking for a cool style that is easy to keep looking great.

Slick Back

Slick back hairstyles for men are a timeless style for men that can be worn with a variety of haircuts. A slick back can be applied to a variety of different types of haircuts and can add an extra touch of class. A slick back hairstyle can be achieved using hair gel or pomade, and a comb. A blow dryer or hairspray may also be used to help keep the hairstyle in place.

Slick back hairstyles for men are often characterized by a clean, sleek look. They are often associated with the corporate world, with the images of corporate warriors and sleazy salesmen. However, this style can also be a stylish antidote to a tired, boring haircut.

One modern variation of the slick back is the taper fade. This style is achieved by brushing hair backward, away from the hairline, and then applying styling product (usually gel). The top of the hair will remain slightly longer than the sides and back. A taper fade gradually shortens the sides and back, creating a slight contrast. Keeping the top of the hair long can make it easier to maintain the slick back style.

Another variation of slick back hairstyles for men is the executive slick back, which is characterized by shorter sides and a curved side part. It is a great option for older men who do not want to sport a high quiff at the front of the hair. It is also ideal for men with oval faces. Unlike the other types of slick back hairstyles for men, this one requires styling and gel, so only men with thick hair will benefit from it.


Known for its versatility, an undercut can be customized to fit a variety of head shapes. The strong, vertical sides of an undercut give a masculine vibe and contrast with the top, which can be either short and square or long and flowing. An undercut that combines both short and long sides adds contrast to the cut and adds interest to the hairstyle.

The most common undercut style is the slick back undercut. This style is more aggressive than other undercut styles and is reminiscent of dramatic pompadours. This cut suits all hair types and is suitable for almost any occasion. Another option is a side-swept undercut. This style is more daring than the traditional side part undercut and creates a sharp look.

An undercut is a great choice for men with long hair. The style adds an edge to a man’s look and can be slicked back for a smooth and polished look. If you have thick, coarse hair, you can also try a side-swept look, which is much easier to style and maintain.

The undercut is an incredibly versatile and popular haircut. It was first popular among working men in the early 20th century, but then it gradually faded from popular culture until it was revived in the films Peaky Blinders and Vikings. More recently, it’s been worn by celebrities including David Beckham and Justin Timberlake.

Tousled Crop

For a cool and sexy look, try a tousled crop. The crop looks best when it is short and textured and lends itself to naturally textured or thick hair. It is a great choice for everyday wear, as it is versatile and can be done with minimal hair product.

This simple hairstyle starts with a side or middle part. Then, tuck both sides of the part behind the ear. It is ideal for guys with medium to long, naturally wavy hair, or long fringes. It is easy to maintain and doesn’t look overly unkempt.

The tousled crop is a great choice for young men. It is very masculine and combines both classic and modern trends. This style is reminiscent of a French crop but is more youthful. It’s fun, rugged, and textured, and has a punk vibe to it. This style looks great in a wavy look, as it adds texture to the top and complements the cropped shape.