Take Advantage of Custom Made Bridal Gowns – Read These 4 Tips

Are you a bride-to-be in Melbourne? Do you need a beautiful bridal gown that will give you the confidence to walk down the aisle? Then you need a local bridal gown designer.

Fortunately for you, Melbourne has many well established bridal gown designers you can select from. The bridal gowns Melbourne designers make are elegant and of the highest quality. You’ll feel like royalty walking down the aisle on your wedding day.

So if you want to feel like a queen on that special day, take advantage of custom made bridal gowns by fowling these 4 tips.

1. How to Have Your Dress Customised

There are some important aspects to consider when having your bridal gown custom made. Your dress should be designed in a way that fits your style, figure and personality. So how do you get your dress custom made so it can perfectly reflect the person you are?

Use Local Bridal Gown Designers

You’ll probably need to have regular meetings with your designer to discuss what changes you’d like to make and the features you’d like to incorporate into your bridal gown. Visit local designers in and around Melbourne so you don’t have to travel far when going for fittings.

Communication is Key

Some designers will show you the best type of bridal gowns that may suit your shape, size and features. However, it’s important to use expert communication skills with your designer to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want.

Let your designer know what you like and what you don’t like. You don’t want to waste time on production so let your designer know the following:

  • The colours you want
  • Your preferred fabric
  • How long you want your train to be
  • The type of patterns you want
  • How streamlined you want the dress to be
  • The overall design of the skirt and bodice

Selecting a Design you Love

As mentioned before wedding dress designers will typically present you with sample pictures or drawings of bridal gowns. This gives you the opportunity to select the type of gown you’ll love. Once you’ve chosen your preferred gown your designer will get to work on making your dress the way you want it.


Fittings are very important when it comes to custom made bridal gowns. Your wedding dress should complement your figure and accentuate your best features. So if you want your bridal gown to be made perfectly for you, ensure you’re available for regular fittings.

2. Veil or Not to Veil

Do you want a veil to go with your wedding gown? If you do it will have to match the design of your dress. Some brides-to-be feel that veils are important features as they complement their dresses. However, with certain designs, a veil may not match the design of your dress.

Selecting a veil can also be quite challenging as there are many variations to pick from such as:

  • Long veils
  • Lace trimmings
  • Beaded trimmings
  • Embroidered patterns
  • Tier designs
  • Fullness
  • Shoulder length veils

Your designer will tell you whether the veil will be a good choice or not. But let your designer show you a few sketches of how different veils will look with your chosen wedding dress. From there you can decide whether you want to wear a veil or not.

3. Inspiration Is Everywhere

If you’re battling to find inspiration for bridal gown designs, ask your designer to give you a rundown on current wedding dress trends. Or simply browse through fashion magazines and blogs.

You’ll find information on trending fabrics, patterns, shapes and features you can incorporate into your own bridal gown.

4. Eccentric Wedding Gowns Turn Heads

Custom made bridal gowns aren’t only for the elegantly streamlined brides-to-be. You can have any design you want that matches your personality.

If you’re a quirky bride you’ll love the eccentric wedding dresses that are trending at the moment. Feathery lined sleeves and necklines are in as well as big bows & faux fur wrist cuffs.

Don’t be afraid to go bold by picking statement accessories such as wide-brimmed Edwardian hats instead of a veil. You can prove that even eccentricity can be elegant by wearing opera length gloves to go with your hat.

Final Thoughts

One advantage when opting for a custom made wedding dress is that it will be one of a kind. No other bride will have the same design you have.

A customised bridal gown will give you the confidence to walk down the aisle because you’ll have a unique bridal gown made to leave an ever lasting impression on your wedding guests.

So do you want a store-bought wedding dress or do you want a custom made work of art? Be the bride you want to be by selecting a reputable designer that will make you the most exquisite wedding gown you deserve.