What Is CBD Shatter?

You’ve probably heard a lot about CBD products over the years, but beyond those little initials, how much do you really know about this compound of marijuana? While some have seen the health benefits of cannabidiol, there is such a wide array of doses and other ingredients that may be included in everything from oils to edibles. However, CBD is in its purest form when it is isolated, like in common products like CBD shatter.

Understanding CBD Shatter

Before using any CBD products, you should consult with your primary care physician to make sure these items are right for your care plan. CBD shatter is a type of CBD isolate, meaning it only contains those compounds and no other cannabinoids or plant compounds found in marijuana. Shatter gets its name for its hard, brittle texture that shatters easily when handled. To make CBD shatter, manufacturers extract cannabinoids from the hemp plants. Shatter has the same potency as other isolates, going through multiple rounds of a rigorous filtration process to culminate in the isolate shatter.

CBD shatter is best consumed through what’s known as dabbing. Dabbing falls under the category of smoking CBD because it involves vaporization. To dab, you add a small amount of isolate to a hot surface and inhale the vapor. A dab rig allows you to safely be able to heat a surface. CBD users can use different surfaces to help them dab. CBD shatter usually comes in a small tub, so you only need to dab a tiny amount. At around 90% potency, it’s extremely strong, so be sure to properly dose yourself when using vaporizers and vape pens.

CBD Isolate vs. Other Products

As mentioned, CBD shatter is a CBD isolate, meaning it’s the compound cannabidiol in its purest form. It’s important to read the labels on these types of products to make sure that there’s nothing additional beyond CBD. For example, if a label reads full-spectrum CBD, that means it contains several components of the cannabis plant. This includes trace amounts of THC, the psychoactive agent in marijuana. Federally legal full-spectrum products will have less than 0.3% THC. Some states allow for CBD products to contain higher levels of this agent.

There are also broad-spectrum CBD products. These products don’t contain THC but contain other cannabinoids and terpenes that are part of the hemp plant. This is considered the middle child of the three common CBD categories. CBD isolate, shatter specifically, can offer a concentrate that assures the cleanest form of the compound possible. It’s effectively a harder textured version of CBD wax that can be a good starting ground for new CBD users who don’t feel comfortable with other hemp products.

CBD Shatter Health Benefits

CBD shatter has become a popular form of CBD in recent years, and like other CBD products, users have been drawn by the potential health benefits of cannabidiol. One of the more common uses of CBD is to help relieve stress brought on by anything from a long day of work to pre-existing medical conditions. These products have helped some users to ease themselves into sleep, avoiding insomnia related to certain pain brought on by injury or other conditions.

CBD products, including shatter, have also been part of a regimen to relieve muscle inflammation brought on by medical conditions, or even excessive workouts. Users are attracted to a range of products from shatter to CBD oils because it strays away from a potentially addictive muscle relaxant to reduce inflammation. Be sure to consult with your doctor or respected member of your care team to make sure that CBD shatter could be right for you.