Tips on How to Be a Drag Queen

Do you have an inner diva in you that wants to come out but you are uncertain how to do it because of your manly structure? Releasing that inner diva and being a drag queen can be a challenging prospect if you don’t know where to start. There are a lot of things that you need to do to make the full transformation.

Here are the things you need to know about being a drag queen and tips on how to make it possible:

1. To shave or not to shave

There is no right or wrong way to look like a drag queen. There are those who shave all their body hair, while others only shave their face and chest. A few don’t even shave and go for the “bear” drag. Ask yourself if you will go for a full shave, half shave or leave it be for your drag queen persona.

2. What size should I be?

Depending on your drag queen persona, you have to consider what size they should be because this will influence the image people will see of your character. It will also be up to you if you can handle wearing them. Test if you will look good on dresses without padding and adjust with the help of a bra, hip pads or cinchers if needed.

3. Tucking

If you want to look the part perfectly, you need to make sure you tuck your manly bits properly with the help of support garments. You should also get a good bra and medical tape to achieve the illusion of having a cleavage.

4. Buy the right makeup and practice using it

You can’t say that you are a drag queen if you do not have the makeup to look the part. Start by checking out what makeup fits your image and practice. There are a lot of tutorials online where you can learn how to apply make up and create the template you need for your persona.

5. Device the perfect wardrobe

Think about the image your persona wants to show. Do you want her to look like a fashionista? Do you want her to wear dancewear-like dresses or other types of dresses? If you have the image in mind, start creating her wardrobe like getting the help of Charismatico dancewear drag queen costumes and other costume shops near you.

6. Wig Shopping

It will be hard to grow your hair based on your persona’s image. Using a wig can definitely help you out. However, you need to get the right length and quality for a good price. When you do get one, you should do your best to take care of it to prolong their lifespan.

Building a career

1. Create your new persona, name and skit

Once you get the looks down, you need to make sure you develop her personality and have the skit to support it. You should also choose the name you want her to have that will definitely stick to people. Practice your skit until you have it nailed down. As you grow, you can expand your skirt and develop the wardrobe to match it.

2. Audition

If you want to transform this into a career, you should check out your local clubs or any events that feature drag queens. Research how they work, know how you can audition and audition with your skit.

3. Be ok to work for free

It will not be easy making a career out of drag and you will need to do your persevere to get constant gigs. There will be times you have to work for free and you have to be ok with it. Once you get exposure, you can slowly determine how much you want to charge per show.

4. Invest

Drag is not something you can be cheap on, especially if you want this to be your career. You need to spend hundreds to keep evolving your persona.

Refining your Image

1. Know what kind of drag queen you want to be

Drag queens are not just divas with a snarky personality. They can have a variety of personalities based on the type of queen they want to be.

2. Evolve your looks

As you grow your drag queen persona, you will realize that you need to evolve their mask accordingly. If something is no longer working, don’t feel bad because it’s a sign that you outgrown that act and need to find something new. Take it as a time to refine your craft and find other ways to grow your character.

3. Support your fellow queens and the community

There are many reasons why people do drag. Some consider it as a way to be home and be with the community that will accept them for who they are. Being a drag queen doesn’t just end once you finish your skit, you also have to support your fellow queens because it is a great way to keep the community going.

4. Don’t listen to critics

Finally, there will be people who will be against you being a drag queen. Others will also see you beneath them. Don’t listen to it and remember, you are a queen!

Becoming a drag queen is no easy decision to make, especially if you consider what you need to do to develop your drag queen persona. However, if you stay true to yourself, know what you are getting into and not let criticism get to you, there is no reason why you should hesitate to make the step forward. Good luck!