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What Is the Current Style for Men’s Ties?

Working from home may be part of the norm these days, but that doesn’t mean one should forgo essential traditional workwear pieces. Every once in a while, you want to try blue paisley ties. They will give you the sense of normalcy you’ve been missing for some time now.

Wearing trendy men’s ties goes a long way towards achieving that semblance of normalcy, and the blue paisley is just one of the many to select from. Here are some tie options covering playful patterns, dynamic colors, and sophisticated fabrics you want in your collection.

Trendy Tie Selections for 2021

Tie selection is more complicated than it looks, especially when there’s an overwhelming number of styles to choose from. That said, putting in the time and effort required to add fine pieces to your collection is definitely worth it. When selected carefully, ties can mean the difference between a boring outfit and a crowd-pleaser.

Here are some of our top tie picks for 2021:

Azalea Lighthouse Dots Tie 

If you’re looking for a more adventurous piece, this punchy plum-colored tie combining two different styles of polka dots should be right up your alley. That said, it treads the line between subtle and over-the-top perfectly so as not to let you stand out too much.

This pick is unique enough for people to notice you but not enough to ingrain your look into their memories. It gives the impression of an innovative fashion choice that’s not too in-your-face—exactly the way most guys want to stand out.

Solid Silk Tie

Now, this is a wardrobe staple if there ever was one. You can’t have a navy tie and have other top selections in your closet; it just wouldn’t make sense. Get a navy tie in silk for smart casual and formal events, and you’ll fit in perfectly with the sophisticated crowd. It has the power to turn your boring black outfit into the night’s most talked-about ensemble.

Unlined Houndstooth Wool Tie

For a stylish but more subdued look, a wool tie in neutral gray should provide some interest. Granted, this tie is still more on the conservative side, but it is fashionable enough to turn heads. If you want something low-key but stylish enough to get attention, this classy gray number is a heavy favorite.

Manston Check Tie

It doesn’t get more dynamic than the Manston check tie in silk. The modern and traditional clash so tastefully that you begin to question your purist inclinations in this tie. That said, fashion is about change, and there are certainly worse ways to welcome change than with an appealingly classic piece from Burberry.

Lanvin Wool Tie

Your standard wool tie has nothing on this one. It has a cool, knitted feature that stands out in a sea of boring designs and patterns. Lanvin’s 5cm wool tie is the perfect spring or winter accessory to level up your outfit, so don’t miss your chance to secure one. It’s a bestseller too, so best not waste your time.

Native Herringbone Tie in Dusty Rose

Men look most stylish in pink” is something this tie proves to a great degree. This sleek herringbone number by The Tie Bar is exactly the piece to add a bit of softness to your hard and edgy look.

It can make you look more fun, approachable, and fashionable. Not to mention, the pink-skeptical color tone is something that weaves together neutral, masculine colors so effortlessly.

Repp Tie

The Brooks Brothers’ #5 Repp tie is a preppy number to keep around for days when you want to show off. And what a standout piece it is, indeed, with its gold and burgundy linear patterns that come in a diagonal design. You get guys and gals looking your way wearing this tie, without question.

Pin Dot Silk Tie

Microdot designs are a massive hit in the industry and tie enthusiasts around the world especially covet them. A purple-hued tie with microdot patterns can put standard silk ties to shame. Picking one from a good brand can transform a boring outfit into a memorable ensemble within minutes.

Leo Tie

For the expressive, creative playing dress-up, the Leo Tie from Salvatore Ferragamo can help deliver in all the ways that matter. This piece lets you pay an eccentric homage to a most loyal pet and companion. In particular, animal lovers will find this piece quite the charmer.

Ties To Include in Your Wardrobe Collection

Trendy tie styles might earn you a nod of approval from today’s sartorialists, but they’re certainly not your only options. If you think a tie from last season or one that was popular decades ago is more your taste, don’t let some list keep you from trying it out.

After all, fashion is timeless, and anyone can make their own trendy list. So, whether your customized list has conservative pieces from Classic Hollywood or out-of-the-box numbers from contemporary fashion houses, it doesn’t matter as long as you can work them.