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When to Start Wearing a Bra? How to Choose the Right One?

If you’re raising a young and beautiful lady, you knew this day would eventually come. Her very first womanhood conversations; from hitting puberty, to the period talk, and helping her select her first bra. Your tiny princess is growing faster than you expected and wanted, but along with it, so is her body. With her body going through en number of transformations, her breasts too, are developing as every day passes by.

Helping her buy her first bra can be a pivotal moment in her and your life. If you’re wondering from where to get started, here’s a detailed guideline of all the Do’s and Don’t’s to make your daughter’s bra-shopping experience a memorable one.

What’s the right age?

There isn’t a set guideline for this question, as the answer to it varies from individual to individual. While some girls get their first bra at the age of eight or night, others might pick their bra at the age of fourteen. But on an average, most girls start wearing a bra as soon as they are ten or eleven. If your daughter has been hinting on buying herself a bra, you know it’s about time you purchase her one. Another sign your daughter needs a bra is once she starts developing breast buds. This is considered as the first stage of breast development, which is a red signal for you to understand that she’s going to hit puberty very soon.

The Beginners Bra

The beginner or training bra, these bras are far from your regular bras. Comfortable and lightweight, beginner bras are ideal pick for your growing daughter. A perfect choice for girls who want to enter the bra bandwagon when they have not necessarily hit the point of puberty. Constructed with light elastic around the band, training bras are your go to first bra. Far from underwired and padded bras, training bras will help her take the first step and provide for a smooth and comfortable journey. Super easy and light on the skin, beginner bras are usually fabricated from comfortable cotton, helping your skin breathe without feeling any sort of discomfort.

Sports Bras


Another absolute must have in your daughter’s lingerie closet is the sports bra. While beginner bras serve the primary purpose of helping your daughter get used to the concept of wearing a bra, sports bras ensure her breasts stay intact, all through her high- intensity sports activities. We all know of breast tissues getting damaged on account of its excess movement. To avoid this mishap at your daughter’s playful and tender age, sports bras are major must have. Engineered to keep her growing bosoms intact, sports bras are a perfect pick for your young sports enthusiast divas. This way she can enjoy playing her favorite game while her breasts stay completely in place.

Everyday Teen Bras

If you’ve passed the first stage of getting your daughter to wearing a training bra, time to move on to step number two. Every girl needs a regular teen bra. As her breasts develop and transform, she will need a lot more help than basic beginner bras. Unlike training bras, teen bras will sculpt and mold her growing breasts. Be it providing a tad bit lift to covering her nipples, with a slight padding; teen bras ensure your daughter doesn’t face any embarrassing nip slips. Opt for T-shirt bras that provide a seamless look under any outfit. Make note that her teen bra comes with a minimum padding and basic underwires to help her achieve the look that she’s aiming for.

Fabrics & Colors

While T-shirt bras come in all sorts of fabrics, choose bras that are crafted from lush cotton. Lace and satin may sound extremely fancy, teenagers however, can be prone to skin rashes and irritation. Cotton being more skin friendly acts as the best choice. When it comes colors, make sure she stacks up on the basic beige and black to avoid any tricky situations in the future.