5 Tools How to Study Fashion Design

Every fashion designer uses their designs as a way to convey their creativity. However, they usually face tough competition from other fashion designers throughout their careers. Therefore, students looking for a career in fashion design need to be prepared, and this typically involves getting the right tools for their chosen trade. 

Certain design tools are critical to ensuring designs are free of any mistakes, reducing the time it takes to create designs and capture your creative thoughts. However, when only starting out, you might be confused about which tools to get first. This article discusses 5 tools every student studying fashion design should have.

5 Tools for Studying Fashion Design

Whether you are an aspiring fashion designer or student, there are some tools you might need in your toolkit while studying and when practicing. Here are 5 tools every fashion student should have:

1. Scissors

The scissors are one of the most important items for a fashion designer, so it’s important to invest in a great pair. However, in the fashion industry, designers often use more than one type of scissors:

  • Shear scissors

This type of scissors is generally heavier than most. It has long blades that can allow you to cut multiple fabrics at once, which can be quite useful. 

  • Lightweight scissors

These types of scissors are relatively light and are used to cut similarly light fabrics such as lining, silk, etc.

  • General-purpose scissors

This type of scissors is used for cutting all types of materials aside from fabrics.

  • Tailor’s scissors

Tailor’s scissors are generally small and convenient to carry. They can be used to cut heavy materials such as leather. You will find it’s common among sewers and crafters due to its portable nature.

2. Sketch pad

As a fashion designer, you’ll want to put your ideas on paper to help you visualize them better. A sketch pad is just the tool you’ll need. Although these days you can use computer software like CAD (computer-aided design) tools, a sketch pad is more portable, and with just a pencil and eraser, you can bring any design in your mind to life. This tool is a must among students and designers, much like another thing that can be useful to design students – a top paper writing service online. Any student sometimes gets swamped with work, especially design students that may struggle with both practical assignments and writing tasks. If this is the case with you, it’s good to have some writing services at your fingertips.

3. Fabrics

If you intend to move from theory to practice, you’ll definitely need fabrics to practice on. There are numerous types of fabrics, along with different patterns, at varying prices. A fashion designer is expected to know the difference as well as the type of fabrics that would be required for a project based on the budget available. When going out to purchase fabrics, fashion designers at times carry along a sample fabric to assist them in recognizing the exact one they need. With training and experience, some designers no longer need to carry samples along with them. There are numerous fashion programs that can prepare you to become the next best fashion designer – explore the options if you are serious about this career.

4. Tape measures

You’ll often find a measuring tape around the neck of a tailor. A tape measure is an essential tool for sewing. It helps to ensure the final product matches the specifications laid out previously. You’ll find the tape measure in most sewing toolkits alongside threads, needles, glue, and tailor chalks. For most tailors, only one tape measure isn’t enough, as if it goes missing, it can cause unnecessary delays. That’s why they usually have about 3 tape measures.

5. Sewing machine

The sewing machine is used for sewing different materials and fabrics. It is a very essential tool in the fashion industry. It is used alongside threads and needles. Some sewing machines are entirely manual, while others come with a motor to assist in the sewing process. Aside from sewing new clothes and designs, the sewing machine can be used to mend garments.


As someone who’s responsible for creating art people can wear, a fashion designer has to make sure there are little to no mistakes in their designs and be able to work quickly and efficiently. To assist with this, a fashion designer needs the right tools. Of course, this goes the same for a fashion design student. If you struggle with choosing which tools you need to buy as a future designer, our article definitely has some tips you can start with.