Tips To Help You Dress Fancy

1. Pick casual/informal

You will never go wrong by putting on casual wear at a dinner party. Besides being comfortable, it’s also a laid-back style that’s good whenever you don’t want to stand out. What’s better, you can easily find comfortable dress shoes for men online, where you can make your purchase. Therefore you have a huge selection of casual clothes to make your choice from. Buy glow sticks in bulk quantities to add a little fun to your party.

But this doesn’t mean that you should show up at a dinner party dressed in a Hawaiian shirt and shorts. Some informal or casual clothes you can put on include cotton trousers, the ones in light colors, chinos, and chords. You can complete your look by adding a pair of cool shades.

2. White tie

While turning up for formal dinner parties you’ll need to be in formal attire, for example, a white tie. But whenever you wear your white tie, do it together with tails rather than a tuxedo. Whenever you wear a white tie during an event it shows courtesy to your host. Furthermore, if you’re underdressed you’ll be feeling like the odd one out.

3. Black tie

A black-tie dinner event requires sophistication and elegance. You can put on a tuxedo together with a black tie, plus a white evening shirt. To spice up the color, you can put on a pair of navy blue or red socks followed by properly polished black shoes.

Commonly, you can find guests making the following mistakes at black-tie dinner parties because they are semi-formal:

– Putting on clip-on bow-ties – it speaks less about you.

– Wearing colored bow ties – there may be a risk of matching outfits with the waiting staff.

– Putting on inappropriate shoes for example sneakers – it makes you get your dressing all wrong.

You need to avoid these mistakes to achieve a perfect look.

4. Black tie optional

Dinner events that call for a black-tie optional dress code means you can leave the tuxedo, and put on a business suit that’s dark or dull colored. For example, putting on a grey or black suit is right for a dinner whose dress code is black tie optional. You can wear this together with a blue or pink cotton shirt and a tie that’s colorful too.

For the shoes, pick polished leather ones, dark-brown ones if you’re on a black suit, and if you’re not on a dark suit you can put on black ones. For an additional style to your outfit, you can wear a waistcoat or a bright-looking silk-colored pocket square.

5. Business casual

Although business casual wear is less formal, it isn’t casual as well. For example, it would be inappropriate to wear jeans and a t-shirt while attending your company’s dinner party. Instead of styling this way, wear a long-sleeved shirt and a suit. You mustn’t pair the outfit with a tie, however, you shouldn’t expose your chest for everyone to see.

6. Friendly dinner

You need some smart-casual dressing when going for a night out with friends. These can be neck shirts, the polo ones worn together with a jacket or dark-colored wool suit trousers. You can still dress in tight-fitting suits to expose and show off your posture and physique.