Apple Has Developed a Cooling Case for iPhones

Smartphones are gadgets people use daily. These devices differ in size, battery and other essential parameters. Yet, the thing they have in common is that all of them get heated if a person keeps using his smartphone for a long time. And it doesn’t matter if a user places bet in Canada here or watch a movie. This problem occurs in both cases. Yet, the Apple developers have found out how to solve this issue. They’ve created the first cooling case.

More About the Technology 

Even the most advanced gadgets can overheat for a variety of reasons. Yet, even the latest smartphones released in 2020, unlike computers, don’t have coolers. Yet, Apple has come up with a solution to this problem and created a case with cooling.

Overheating of the device can cause malfunctions in the system. It usually occurs when performing heavy tasks or using wireless charging. It can damage the metalwork inside the iPhone, and sometimes even weaken it. 

This new tool will save fans of iPhones from two problems at once. Firstly, it will eliminate discomfort when touching a hot device. Secondly, this case will prevent performance degradation due to excessive heat. For this purpose, it is planned to install a passive cooling system into the cooling case.

In the description of the patent device, there are also magnets. They will create a magnetic field. So, the Hall sensor built into the iPhone will catch it and let the smartphone know that the cooling case is connected to it. Thanks to this, the device will not reduce the frequency when it heats up. Yet, an option with the identification of the accessory by NFC is also considered.

Besides, the developer intends to introduce several types of cooling cases to users. This will allow the iPhone to change the threshold operating temperature depending on the option used.

The new cooling case is only patented. Yet, it is already expected to be in high demand in Africa, Australia and the Middle Eastern countries with a hot climate. There the problem of overheating devices is particularly acute because even the iPhone 12 has a maximum allowable operating temperature of only +35 degrees. 

Moreover, this tool is handy if you continue using your smartphone while charging it. During this time, the device is heating, and it is difficult to utilize it. In this case, this case is the main solution.