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Ideas for Memorial Day Family Decorations

With Memorial Day fast approaching, you might be mulling over the different home decor ideas for a family gathering. As there are many possibilities to consider (such as the table setting, outdoor fencing and yard decorations, streamers, etc.), the number of different choices can be difficult to sort through! Luckily, there are a few basic ideas you can stick to that will guarantee a festive and successful Memorial Day gathering.

Here are the five best decoration ideas for your family’s Memorial Day!

Keep the Table Themed

One of the most important and crucial aspects of Memorial Day decor is also one of the most simple: The table. Since the table is going to be the star of the meal, it only stands to reason that it should be the star of the festivities as well!

That being said, there’s also no need to over-complicate this part. Some simple and effective ways to give the table the right theme could be to use American flag-colored tablecloth, flowers, and food. This style can work with many types of tables; whether you’re using an intimate pub table like those found on Furniture Standards, or a larger dining table, these ideas are sure to do the trick!

Use Flags

Of course, how could your family get together on Memorial Day without the American flag making an appearance? The best part about these it that you can put them anywhere in the home and they will go perfectly with the theme. For this reason, we consider adding the flags to your gathering to be both an essential and easy way to reflect the spirit and meaning of Memorial Day for the family.

Red, White, and Blue Jars

Another great way to add some festivity to your Memorial Day family gathering is to place some jars in the open that go with the flag’s colors. These can be placed anywhere in the home and also work great for holding flowers (and the flowers themselves can also follow the color scheme!) or small flags. Blue jars could work particularly well with this idea. Here’s a blog with some examples of blue glass jars to get the creative juices flowing.

Style Your Outdoor Fencing

For a change of pace, here’s a neat idea to experiment with outside the house. Some exciting and creative possibilities here are to buy or make your own paper decorations (in any style of your choosing, whether that be rings or props or anything else) and hang them up on the front or backyard fences for your home. This is an inventive and unique option that is sure to add an extra boost to the gathering!


Finally, you can bring back a tried-and-true classic: streamers. Red, white, and blue streamers can be used as sparingly (or as extravagantly!) as you want and be added anywhere to the house you decide. Check out some ideas for creating your own streamers here.  In any case, streamers are a surefire method for ensuring that your Memorial Day gathering has the sort of atmosphere and aesthetic it needs.