How to Determine the Best Data Sources for Your Business

Technology like best marketing attribution software is a great way to keep your business moving forward. The right tools can be helpful with ensuring that you keep your customers happy and your company growing. Whether it’s an interactive phone answering system or a computer operating program that makes processing data easier, technology has become extremely helpful for many people.

Gathering data is essential for many businesses to succeed. This form of technological research can be utilized in many ways, but let’s focus on how to determine the best sources of data for your business.

Data Exploration

When you’re attempting to find the best sources of data to run your business, one of the first things you’ll want to dig into is data exploration. This form of data discovery helps to uncover and investigate hidden and useful data insights. Data discovery, at its core, is the collection and evaluation of data from a variety of sources. The method of big data discovery is usually utilized to understand trends and patterns in the collected data. Data exploration takes data discovery a step further. This form of data discovery is provided by data science software product industry leader, TIBCO. Utilizing data analysis, you are taking the first step to explore and visualize data. This is done to uncover insights at the start of the data analysis process or find patterns that require more research or digging.

For businesses utilizing data exploration as one of the best sources of data can be a godsend. When using this data discovery process, this method helps users to make better decisions on where they can dig deeper into the big data which they are collecting. This useful knowledge provides ease of use for a business, in that they aren’t struggling to figure out how best to use the big data they’ve gathered. Once this is done, a user can have a stronger understanding of the data, and how best to apply the lessons gleaned from it. Data exploration is a great way to determine the insights hidden within your busness’ data sets.

Visual Analytics


Another method that you can use to determine the best data sources for your company includes visual analytics. Another one of the data discovery tools, this is a companion to the aforementioned data exploration. With visual analysis, you are dealing with a form of reasoning which uses interactive, visual interfaces. You utilize data analytics and interactive visual representations of data and dashboarding. These types of visual analytic capabilities help you with answering more of the “what” questions when you are using this set of data discovery tools.

Outside of answering the question of “what are the problems,” which you can tackle through data research, you’ll also need to figure what the “why” is for such scenarios. When you locate the best data sources for your business, with the aid of visual analytics, you’ll be able to better tackle what issues might arise with your company. By using visual analytics you can combine visualization, human factors, and data analysis to garner actionable insights from within the data. This helps you to ultimately find the best use for the data sources, which will benefit your company and business. You can use such methods in various industries, including social media, insurance, and financial services. At the end of the day, visual analytics is a great way to determine the best step forward, based on what the data sources are telling you.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a great part of the data discovery process. This method is a great data source for your business and can be used to gain even more success for future business ventures. Referred to as smart data discovery, AI-empowered data discovery tools are allowed to automatically discover data relationships in different areas. This can help to speed up a company’s data analysis with AI-powered recommendations. This is another way in which you can determine the best way to utilize data sources within a company.